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Online Paralegal Programs was formed by a small group of friends when we realized there was a shortage of truthful, unaffiliated, information available to students online. We want to help students get informed so they can make the best decision regarding their education and employment. Our goal is to provide useful, well researched rankings and resources to those interested in going to work in the paralegal field.

Our main editor is Oliver Plante. Oliver has been interested in the paralegal field his whole life. He was frustrated at the lack of information available to those seeking to become educated when he was looking to become educated himself. It was his frustration that caused us to start this site.

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2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. DeAndrea Simmons says:

    I’m a active license real estate agent in New Orleans Louisiana, I’m currently at the end of my Paralegal program at Tulane University where I will receive my Paralegal certification and my associates.
    My question is , can I be both an active realtor as well as a closing attorney paralegal.
    My aspiration is to work for closing attorney and continue as an agent and I was not sure if that would be a conflict .

    1. Oliver says:

      We don’t see why that would ever be a problem

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