Top 25 Most Affordable Online Paralegal Associate’s Degree Programs

Law is a field that never runs dry (lawyers wouldn’t let it), but it can seem difficult to break into the field. A career as a paralegal is the first step for many people who want to get into the lucrative world of law, and while some paralegals will eventually earn their Juris Doctorate and practice law themselves, many others find a well-paid, comfortable career in paralegal.

However, working adults who wish to pursue additional education may find that the cost of enrolling in a certificate or degree program and the commitment of working a full-time job can make pursuing education credentials seem more difficult. Fortunately, thanks to the internet age, many paralegal programs offer affordable credentialing that can be obtained in a relatively short amount of time with the flexibility of offering courses online. Therefore, people who work full-time jobs or have other time constraints are able to pursue a legal career in a way that may be a better fit for their budget and scheduling needs.

How We Ranked the 25 Most Affordable Online Paralegal Programs

There is an enormous number of paralegal programs in the US, and an incredible number of them are available fully online. But to rank the Most Affordable Online Paralegal Programs, OPP focused on accredited, reputable programs that can demonstrate real results. Many are also ABA approved for additional reputability.

For a Most Affordable ranking, however, one thing is more important than any other – cost. Programs are ranked from lowest tuition rate to highest.

1. Nassau Community College

Nassau Community College’s online AAS in Paralegal and Paralegal Studies certificate are designed for working adults who want to move into a rewarding career with a lot of potential for growth and advancement. NCC’s program puts a priority on the legal aspects of the paralegal career, beyond the simple organizational and managerial skills of the average paralegal program. Knowing that paralegal students may want to go on to a law career sets NCC apart among accredited online paralegal certificate programs and online paralegal associate degree programs.

Part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system, Nassau Community College has been providing exceptional professional and technical training and education for Nassau County and the surrounding Long Island area since 1959. They award more associate’s degrees than any other community college in New York, and nearly the most in the US. With New York City at its doorstep, it’s one of the best online paralegal programs for job placement and career potential.

Degree: Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Cost: $4,097

2. Central Texas College

Central Texas College (CTC) is a public, open-admission community college located in Killeen, Texas offering an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal. As an accredited college, CTC provides one of the most affordable paralegal programs with the added security of trustworthiness. They have both a traditional campus environment and long distance learning with online classes. CTC caters to real-world students that may have full-time employment or be active in the military. They also have evening, weekend, and online classes for students unable to attend traditional daytime classes.

While CTC is one of the most affordable schools, they work with the student to provides resources to help pay for the Paralegal Associates Degree. CTC prepares students to enter employment after receiving their degree by providing classes specific to the field of study. CTC assists students in finding employment upon graduation. For those who would like to continue their study, CTC helps those students transition to a four-year college.

Degree: AAS in Paralegal
Cost: $4,774

3. Kapi’olani Community College

Kapi’olani Community College, located in Honolulu, Hawaii offers an affordable Paralegal Associate of Science Degree. The College has been in existence since the 1940s but when it joined the University of Hawai’i System in 1965, it realigned its academic mission. The College believes in honesty, integrity and meeting the needs of all students while taking in the majestic view of Hawai’i. The College prides itself providing a quality Paralegal Certification and Associate Degree.

The Paralegal credit programs prepare students to perform significant roles in the legal world. The College believes professional development through classes, workshops, and seminars is key. The affordable Paralegal program has oversight from legal professionals across the state, including attorneys and law firm administrators. While Kapi’olani offers online courses, not all are available online. Students coming from an ABA-approved program may be able to transfer credits. Students may also transition towards a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Hawai‘i-West O‘ahu.

Degree: Paralegal Associate of Science (AS) Degree
Cost: $5,816
some courses may not be online – courses from an ABA-approved program can be transferred

4. Athens Technical College

Athens Technical College is located in Athens, Georgia and has been part of the community since 1958. Athens Tech offers an affordable Paralegal Associate Degree for residents of Georgia. Over the decades, the College has shifted its focus and its name from a trade school to the innovative Technical College it is today. Athens Technical College believes all students should be treated equally regardless of race, creed, gender, political affiliation, and genetic information, to name a few. The College is proud to provide an affordable Paralegal Associate Degree.

Athens Technical College prepares students to enter the workforce, as there is an eight percent projected growth for paralegal positions over the next five years. The College realizes the importance of the paralegal role within legal offices and prides themselves in fully preparing students for that role. Among their course study, students will learn to analyze and organize laws, legal articles, and other material for court cases. Athens Technical College offers online courses, but not all are available online. Students coming from an ABA-approved program may be able to transfer credits.

Degree: Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
Cost: $5,841
some courses may not be online – courses from an ABA-approved program can be transferred

5. Casper College

Casper College, located in Casper, Wyoming, was established in 1945 and offers an affordable Associate of Arts (AA) in Paralegal Studies. The campus is expansive with 28 buildings on over 200 acres of land. While they have affordable rates for degrees and certifications, they also awarded over $14 million in financial aid. Casper College’s Paralegal Certification and Associate Degree program provide quality education as well as assistance to students who wish to continue study and transfer to a four-year college.

The program provides college course study in legal research skills, fact investigation skills, and computer-assisted legal research skills with Westlaw. The College offers job placement assistance to students. Casper College is involved with Legal Assistants of Wyoming (LAW), an affiliate of the National Association of Legal Assistants. The prepare students for the Certified Paralegal Exam with a review course. Casper College offers online courses, but not all are available online. Students coming from an ABA-approved program may be able to transfer credits.

Degree: Associate of Arts (AA) in Paralegal Studies
Cost: $6,553
some courses may not be online – courses from an ABA-approved program can be transferred

6. Florida State College at Jacksonville

Florida State College at Jacksonville is located in Jacksonville, which is in North Florida. FSCJ was ranked at 14th for the Best US Community College by College Choice. FSCJ has been offering an Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies since 1997. While FSCJ has one of the best and most affordable Paralegal Associate Degree, it has the first promise program which pays for tuition, fees, and books for eligible students.

FSCJ prepares students for employment after receiving an AS in Paralegal Services. The degree gives students a strong background in practical skills, such as research, and knowledge in the law. Prior to graduation, students engage in an internship in a law-related office. The program provides alternatives for those who need them. While FSCJ offers online courses, not all can be completed online. ABA requires a minimum number of credits through classroom instruction. Transfer of credits from other school are subject to ABA approval.

Degree: Associate of Science (AS) in Paralegal Studies
Cost: $6,608
some courses may not be online – courses from an ABA-approved program can be transferred

7. Rio Salado College

Rio Salado College, located in Tempe, Arizona offers an online Paralegal Associate Degree. They have been in existence since 1978 and offer one of the most affordable Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal, and a Certification of Completion in Paralegal. Rio Salado aims to provide students with an innovative education with online learning and community-based learning. They value diversity, inclusiveness, and sustainability.

The Rio Salado Associate in Applied Science in Paralegal provides students with all the necessary skills to secure employment upon graduation. In this program, students learn all aspects of the law and the building blocks of litigation. They also learn legal theory and ethics, legal research, and written communication. The program requires students to maintain a C average or better and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal
Cost: $6,995

8. Madisonville Community College

Madisonville Community College (MCC) is located in Madisonville, Kentucky and offers an AAS in Paralegal Technology, as well as a Paralegal Certificate. MCC offers the ability to complete some of the coursework online. The school has an Office of Career Services which offers students guidance finding employment opportunities. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 to graduate from the Paralegal Program. MCC helps students who wish to transfer their credits to a Bachelor’s Program.

MCC’s Paralegal Technology program prepares students for employment upon graduation in various organizations, such as courts, law firms, and corporations. It is based on standards created from the National Association of Legal Assistants Descriptions of Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) Exam. This program fully prepares students to enter the workforce where Paralegals are in high demand as the job market is growing.

Degree: AAS Paralegal Technology
Cost: $7,284

9. Central Piedmont Community College

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), located in Charlotte, North Carolina. CPCC offers an affordable Paralegal Associate in Applied Science (AAS). The Paralegal Technology Program at CPCC is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). It offers a hybrid type of study by combining traditional and online courses. The ABA mandates that students working towards a Paralegal Associate must take at least ten credits per semester in a traditional classroom setting, and the rest can be online.

The main goal of the Central Piedmont Paralegal program is to teach students the legal knowledge and piratical skills required to enter into employment upon graduation. Coursework covers legal research and writing, civil litigation, legal ethics, and real estate. Students learn about every facet of the law as it pertains to personal injury, criminal, corporate and family law. Students are required to take general courses in English, math, and social sciences.

Degree: Paralegal Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Cost: $7,461 10
credits must be on-campus

10. Edmonds Community College

Edmonds Community College is located in Lynnwood, Washington and offers an Associate of Technical Arts – Paralegal. Edmonds CC sits on a lush 50-acre campus. They are driven by their mission of equity and inclusion to attain academic excellence. Edmonds CC offers traditional and online programs, however, at least 15 credits in this program must be in a face to face traditional classroom setting.

The Edmonds’ Associate of Technical Arts Paralegal program is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). It prepares students for careers as paralegals in law firms, government agencies and corporations. This program teaches students to understand the procedural rules and practical skills necessary to perform tasks. Students learn to utilize legal knowledge and skills to perform job duties, such as legal correspondence, memoranda, and litigation-related documents. They are taught legal ethics, along with rules of professional conduct, in their role of delivering legal services to the public.

Degree: Associate of Technical Arts – Paralegal
Cost: $9,267
15 credits must be on-campus

11. Clayton State University

Clayton State University is located in Morrow, Georgia and is surrounded by six lakes, Swan Lake being the largest. Over the years, many swans have lived on campus and there is one currently in residence. They offer an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies, which has been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). The curriculum was created to give students the hands-on training and skills needed to enter the workforce and perform legal work.

The focus of the Clayton AAS in Paralegal Studies program is practical skills, legal terminology, legal research, and law courses. Students analyze practical and theoretical legal issues and prepare documents. They learn the importance of legal ethics and all aspects of law. Students also learn the mechanics of manual and computer legal research. While Clayton State University does offer online courses, they aren’t all available online.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies
Cost: $10,330
some courses may not be online – courses from an ABA-approved program can be transferred

12. Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College is located throughout several states and has an online-only component. It is possible to receive an online Paralegal Associate Degree from Rasmussen College. This online Paralegal Degree is available with Flex Choice, allowing the student to utilize traditional online coursework along with self-directed assessments. This course is focused on launching the student into a career by providing practical hands experiences during the program.

During the Online Paralegal Associate Degree program at Rasmussen, students will learn to create legal documents, manage case files, use citations properly, and identify accurate sources for legal issues. Students will learn the value in online research tools and databases and how to utilize them properly. Students will learn how to apply the principles of legal research and the law in writing. Students will conduct research to be used in hearings, trials, or corporate meetings. Students will understand how to practically approach contracts from a legal and hands-on perspective. The advanced Paralegal studies course at Rasmussen College is created to ready students to sit for their National Certified Legal Assistant/Paralegal (CLA/CP) Examination.

Degree: Paralegal Associate’s
Cost: $10,935

13. Massachusetts Bay Community College

Massachusetts Bay (MassBay) Community College has three locations in Massachusetts and is an open-access community college. MassBay has a diverse mix of students by which they encourage the use of technology and innovation to enhance the student’s experience. The pillars of their mission statement are accessibility and affordability, communication, diversity, professional development, and respect.

MassBay offers an Associate in Science Degree in Paralegal Studies. This course teaches students to create legal documents, investigate legal issues, and deliver procedural assistance. This program incorporates general studies in business, liberal arts, and even some legal courses to give students a well-rounded approach to understanding the law and individuals. Students have the opportunity to participate in the real work of a law firm. MassBay does offer online courses, but not all are available online.

Degree: AS Paralegal Studies
Cost: $11,576
some courses may not be online – courses from an ABA-approved program can be transferred

14. Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University’s Associate of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies adheres to the American Bar Association’s (ABA) requirements. The Paralegal Certification Program has been approved by the ABA. The paralegal coursework, which can be partially completed online, also requires students to complete a 280 – hour internship in either a business, a law firm or a government agency. Paralegal faculty members who have attained Juris Doctorates (J.D.) teach the affordable paralegal degree programs offered by Eastern Kentucky University.

The Kentucky General Assembly established Eastern Kentucky University in 1906. Eastern Kentucky University operates with four branch campuses in Manchester, Hazard, Corbin, and Lancaster. Students attending Eastern follow the lucky tradition of rubbing the left foot of Daniel Boone statute on campus. Degree candidates can earn complete their coursework on campus – in the day, and in the night. Certain paralegal coursework can be completed online through their distance learning platform.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies
Cost: $12,255
partially online

15. Anne Arundel Community College

The Legal Studies Institute at Anne Arundel Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies – a General Practice. Paralegal certification candidates follow an American Bar Association (ABA) approved program. Anne Arundel Community College accepts credits from other paralegal courses if have been approved by the ABA. Students earning their paralegal degree have the option of attending classes in the day, in the night, on the weekend, and online. AACC remains committed to offering one of the best online paralegal programs at affordable tuition rates. The school offers various scholarships, interest-free payment plans, and financial aid.

Anne Arundel Community College was founded in 1961. The school holds the honor of being named Community College of the Year (2000) by the National Business Alliance. Its 230+-acre campus is home to more than 50,000 students. AACC was the first college in the state of Maryland to be rated by the Advancement of Stability in Higher Education.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies – General Practice
Cost: $13,963
some courses may not be online – courses from an ABA-approved program can be transferred

16. Broadview University

Broadview University offers an Applied Science in Paralegal degree which provides students that required specialized training in the areas of litigation, legal research, legal procedure, writing, communication, and family law, among others. Their online paralegal associate degree can be successfully completed in 21 months, with full-time enrollment. Accredited online paralegal certificate programs are completed using a manageable six-week term. This paralegal certificate online cost reveals significant savings when compared to traditional tuition costs. Broadview University’s distance learning platform offers an inexpensive way to earn a marketable professional degree.

Broadview University was originally established in 1977 in downtown Salt Lake City. The four-year school accepts credit (through specialized testing protocols) for real-world experiences, including that of military service or professional work. Broadview University has numerous ways to help fund a student’s education; Federal and State Grants and loans; Scholarships; and the application of military benefits.

Degree: AAS in Paralegal
Cost: $14,850

17. Remington College

Remington College offers a Paralegal Associate Degree for those seeking to begin a career in the legal industry. Remington College’s affordable paralegal tuition rates will never increase if the student remains continuously enrolled (and on track to a degree) in Remington College. These affordable tuition rates can be augmented by loans, grants, scholarships, military options, and financial aid. Coursework completed as a part of the paralegal certification explores the many facets of the law. Students learn about bankruptcy, family law, trial prep, contracts, real estate, and probate, among others.

Remington College was established in 1967. The school maintains sixteen campuses across several states. The campuses that offer this Paralegal Associate Degree include Webster TX (Southeast Houston), Dallas, TX, Greenpoint, TX (North Houston), and online. Coursework for Remington College’s paralegal program is delivered during the year in six-13 week semesters. As such, the paralegal 90-credit hour program can be completed in a year-and-a-half.

Degree: Paralegal Associate’s
Cost: $15,069

18. Herzing University

Herzing University offers an Associate of Science in Legal Assisting/Paralegal degree program through their Legal Studies division. While offered across eleven campuses (and online), only the New Orleans and Atlanta paralegal programs (non-online programs) are approved by the American Bar Association. Paralegal certification candidates learn to draft contracts, mortgages, tax-related forms and estate planning, among others. Herzing University strives to offer a low-cost educational option that is within reach. Tuition costs can be reduced for students who are qualified for financial aid, scholarships, loans, grants, military programs and, student employment options.

Herzing University was founded in 1965. It is comprised of an online division and eleven campuses. The US News & World Report ranked Herzing University #7 for Best Social Services Jobs in 2018. Paralegal degree graduates find satisfying work in the legal areas of family law, personal injury, criminal law, copyrighting and real estate, among others. However, nearly 70% of paralegals work directly with lawyers and law firms.

Degree: Associate of Science in Legal Assisting/Paralegal
Cost: $16,592

19. Hodges University

Hodges University offers an Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies on campus and on their distance learning platform. Hodges University proudly offers some of the most affordable tuition rates in South Florida. Hodges University offers a Blended Education Pathway to allow students to customize their coursework schedule to meet their educational goals and time limitations. Course delivery options offered by Hodges University are available in 16 week semesters, eight-week terms or even one-class per month.

Hodges University was founded in 1990 as International College; its name was changed to Hodges University in 2007. Hodges University enforces a policy of diversity and tolerance. The school is proud to hold the distinction of being recognized as a Hispanic Diversity Certified school. Hodges University operates from their campus in Naples, FL, and a more northerly campus in Fort Meyers, FL. These campuses are home to nearly 1,700 students with an average age of 33 years old.

Degree: Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies
Cost: $19,017

20. Post University

Post University offers an Associate in Science in Legal Studies that requires 60 – 63 credit hours to complete. Paralegal certification degree graduates enter the job market ready to make their professional mark in the legal community. Post University offers their affordable degree programs with an exceptional level of student support. Post University is considered a top Military Friendly School and ranks among the top 5 schools for Military Veterans, according to Military Times. Additionally, Post University ranks among the most affordable paralegal programs in the nation.

Post University was established in 1890 as the Matoon Shorthand School. Post University is a private, for-profit that offers more than 25 undergraduate and graduate programs of study that can be earned during the day, the night or online. While the school’s history reveals a dedication to tradition classroom; however, recently Post has become the largest provider in Connecticut of degree programs online, including an online paralegal associate degree.

Degree: Associate in Science in Legal Studies
Cost: $19,044

21. Midstate College

Midstate College offers an American Bar Association (ABA) approved Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies program. Midstate College’s accredited online paralegal certificate programs prepare graduates to responsibly assist lawyers and legal professionals within many work environments and scenarios. Midstate accepts up to 9 semester credit hours of previously completed relevant coursework. Midstate offers affordable and one of the best online paralegal programs to earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies degree.

Midstate College is a for-profit university that was established in 1888 by a merger with Jacksonville Business College. Midstate College is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE) an offers an affordable paralegal certificate online cost. Topical information is taught via advanced technology in both on-campus classrooms and online in their virtual classrooms. Midstate sets forth a Code of Ethics based on integrity, innovation, diversity, and improvement.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies
Cost: $19,132

22. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College offers an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies that focuses on the important legal skills that include creative thinking, problem-solving and multi-tasking. These are the skills required to be a successful paralegal. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College’s affordable paralegal program prepares graduates to understand how the law relates to history, society, and politics. SMWC is a member school of the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE). Additionally, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is available through our renowned Woods Online programs. As such, SMWC offers a low-cost paralegal degree that provides students the flexibility to study at their own pace.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College was established in 1840 and holds the distinction as the oldest Catholic College in the state of Indiana. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is a private, coeducational Catholic college that empowers critical thinking students to support their commitment to Sustainability, Women’s Issues, Social Justice and Spirituality.

Degree: Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
Cost: $19,401

23. Faulkner University

Faulkner University offers an Associate of Science in Legal Studies through Faulkner’s Mobile Alabama’s campus and their Montgomery, Birmingham, and Huntsville campuses. Faulkner’s affordable paralegal certification program requires students to earn 74 credit hours to receive their paralegal degree. Faulkner University’s mission is to provide low-cost degree programs that build intellect, character, and service. More than 95% of Faulkner’s students receive some sort of financial aid.

Faulkner University is a Christian liberal arts school that was established in 1942 as the Montgomery Bible School and remains affiliated with the Churches of Christ. Faulkner University is located near the state’s mountains, white-sandy beaches, and stunning lake areas. Faulkner is now comprised of five colleges: the Harris College of Business and Executive Education, the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law, the Alabama Christian College of Arts and Sciences, the V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies, and the College of Education.

Degree: Associate of Science (AS) in Legal Studies

24. University of Providence

The University of Providence offers an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies that has been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). Graduates of this paralegal degree program are qualified to serve as a paralegal. Degree graduates learn to draft briefs, properly interview clients, identify relevant legally significant facts and to follow a code of conduct dedicated to professional paralegals. Undergraduates studying on campus or, those studying for their online paralegal associate degree (some courses may only be offered online) pay the same affordable tuition fees. To gain real-world experience, the low-cost paralegal degree program requires each degree candidate to complete an internship with a judge, a law firm or a corporation.

The University of Providence was renamed in 2017 from the University of Great Falls. It is a private Roman Catholic institute of higher learning established in 1932. The school’s mission is to offer students opportunities for a great living while learning how to make a living. recently recognized the University of Providence’s paralegal program as the Best in State.

Degree: Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
Cost: $20,247
some online courses may be required

25. Florida National University

Florida National University offers an Associate of Arts in Paralegal studies that explores the United States’ legal system through coursework in humanities, communication, behavioral science, and computers. Florida National University’s paralegal associate degree is earned when a student completes a minimum of 60 credit hours across a multi-faceted legal framework of classes. Florida National University seeks to maintain low-cost educational options by offering tuition incentives offered by Corporate Alliances, the U.S. Armed Forces, Government Employees, and Employer tuition reimbursement programs. Florida National University is home to many international students and has been recognized as a school that helps international students attend by lowering tuition costs.

Florida National University was established in 1988. Classroom instruction is English despite the fact that the school is nearly 95% Hispanic. Florida National University offers its affordable paralegal degree programs from their campus in Hialeah, FL and their campus in Miami, FL. Additionally, the school operates a distance learning platform from its main campus in Hialeah.


How Much Should an Online Paralegal Associate Degree Cost?

The good news, for potential paralegal students, is that affordable paralegal programs may be in your own backyard. Some of the best online paralegal programs come from local community colleges, which make affordability one of their highest priorities. For an online paralegal associate degree, there may be no more affordable paralegal program than what you can get from a community college.

While national-level universities average around $15,000 per year for tuition, and regional public universities may be well over $5000 per year, the best online paralegal programs from a community college can be less than $5000 for a full associate’s degree. Community colleges can offer such affordable paralegal programs because their primary mission is access – getting people the education they need – and they are supposed by public funds. They keep costs low for the good of the community (so that’s where the name comes from!) They’re also some of the best for paralegal job placement, since local paralegal programs get to know local law firms.

Can I Get an Online Paralegal Degree for Free?

The short answer is no. Like most things, though, the long answer is there are many ways to get a cheap paralegal degree online, and to save your money. First of all, though there are no free paralegal certificates, many colleges do offer free online paralegal courses. While most of these courses are not for credit, some may actually count toward lowering a paralegal certificate online cost. Even if they’re not for credit, free online paralegal courses can help a prospective student decide if a cheap paralegal degree online will be right for them.

Free online paralegal courses will only get you so far, but there are highly affordable options that graduates will be able to pay off quickly. With paralegal certificate online cost as little as a few thousand dollars, paralegals will see a return on their investment quickly. The cheapest online paralegal certificate is also a low-cost start to a cheap paralegal degree online, with transferable credits speeding up the process and saving tuition money. So even if there’s no free lunch, a cheap paralegal degree online writes its own ticket.

Can I Get a Job With a Cheap Paralegal Degree Online?

The days when employers gave online degrees the side-eye are long gone; today, online degrees are as respected and accepted by employers as traditional degrees – under certain conditions. Accredited online paralegal certificate programs tell employers that they can trust your reliability and knowledge of the field. The “accredited” is the essential part, though. If you’re choosing an online paralegal certificate program, be sure that the school is accredited (that means regional accreditation for colleges, universities, and community colleges). Accredited online paralegal certificate programs will be even better if they meet the American Bar Association (ABA) standards. Any law firm will trust a paralegal with an ABA-approved paralegal certificate or degree.

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