How to Become a Paralegal in Tennessee

If you have a passion for helping people and an interest in law but are not quite ready to make the commitment to law school, paralegal work could be right for you. Through paralegal work you can enjoy the satisfaction of working in a law firm, staying up close and personal with legal work on a daily basis, while also helping other members of your community navigate their legal issues. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting career option and to learn about the requirements to become a paralegal in Tennessee.

Why Should I Become a Paralegal In Tennessee?

Tennessee currently has very lenient requirements for paralegals. This means that getting into this career can be easy and rewarding. Tennessee paralegal requirements are not regulated with any type of licensing, though many will get a certificate or degree in paralegal studies. This means that most paralegal training is done on the job. Individuals can get started on this career path without any formal secondary education. Many people find this appealing because they want to start their career quickly, and they are not interested in completing more educational requirements.

Many people become paralegals because they want to work in a law firm and they want to work closely with the law and the court system. However, becoming a lawyer is a long and tedious process. Many people who are interested in law become discouraged when they consider that for whatever reason they cannot make the commitment to law school. Paralegal work provides a great alternative, which still gives a feeling of satisfaction within the desired career field.

What Does a Paralegal Do in Tennessee?

Paralegals are an important part of the legal process in America. A paralegal will perform vital tasks within a law firm. Often they will complete tasks such as contract writing or brief writing. In addition to this, they are responsible for filing exhibits with the court as well as conducting research that is necessary for cases. Paralegals are often in charge of gathering critical information from clients as well as assisting attorneys with daily activities.

What Are the Requirements To Become a Paralegal in Tennessee?

Although you can become a paralegal in the state of Tennessee without any mandated requirements, many people find that acquiring some paralegal education is helpful. If you are interested in additional paralegal requirements in Tennessee, though, you do have the option to complete a paralegal education and receive certification.

This type of education and certification is not a requirement, but it will give you an edge over your competition when applying for paralegal jobs. Paralegal work is a popular form of work and there is competition for these positions.

If you have completed a paralegal education and obtained certification to show that you have this training, you will most likely have an advantage over other applicants who did not receive such training and certification.

How Should I Prepare to Become a Paralegal in Tennessee?

There are many national paralegal certification programs. You must be at least 18 to participate in most of these programs. You should seek certification through a nationally recognized program such as the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). Participants in the NALA program are allowed to take an exam to become certified paralegal or CP. Those who have successfully worked through a paralegal curriculum and passed the exam can obtain the status of Advanced CP.

Many paralegals choose to pursue at least an Associates’s Degree in Paralegal studies before striking out on their career path. Although this is not considered among Tennessee paralegal requirements, this is another step that can give you an edge over your competition when applying for paralegal jobs.

Job experience is also very important in this field. The best way to obtain paralegal job experience is by applying for an internship with a law firm. Internships are usually unpaid training programs in which you work with a business or an office for a set amount of time. Although you will not be paid for this work, you will obtain necessary on-site training which will be crucial to your resume and job application process when you finally apply for a job.

In addition to these requirements to become a paralegal in Tennessee, you will also need to be able to pass a criminal background check.

Paralegals should be individuals of high ethical standards as there are often difficult ethical decisions that must be made when working on legal matters.

Becoming a paralegal in Tennessee can be a simple yet rewarding career path. The requirements for becoming a paralegal in Tennessee are easy and straightforward. In order to gain an edge over your competition, you should acquire a paralegal education as well as nationally recognized certification.

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