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Ready to become a paralegal? It’s important that you look for ABA-approved paralegal programs in NY. The American Bar Association provides approval to paralegal programs, letting employers know that students who complete these programs have received a comprehensive education on New York laws. When you’re putting your time and money into a degree program, it’s key that you use one of the many ABA-approved paralegal programs in NY.

When you start applying for jobs after you graduate, your employer will want to make sure that you got your degree through one of the many ABA-approved paralegal programs in New York. As you’re searching for a program in which you’d like to enroll, be sure to check the school’s website to ensure that their paralegal education program is ABA-approved. When you have a degree from one of the ABA-approved paralegal programs in New York, you’ll have a much easier time finding a job at a law firm or government organization than if you earned your paralegal certification through a non-ABA approved program. If you’re not sure about your school’s ABA approval status, be sure to talk with someone at the admissions office to make sure your school has the approval that you need to help you get a job after you finish the program.

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Ranking the Best Paralegal Programs in New York City and State

To rank the best paralegal programs in the Empire State, Online Paralegal Programs editors began with ABA-approved paralegal programs. From there, we ranked programs according to three practical factors: Cost, Job Placement, and Student Satisfaction, using data from IPEDS, College Scorecard, and Niche.

1. Daemen College

Daemen College’s BS in Paralegal Studies helps students carve out a career pathway for themselves. This program combines in-classroom learning with real-world experiences. As a matter of fact, it even provides opportunities to volunteer with refugee communities. Students learn from experts in the field, so they know that they’re getting an excellent, practical education. As a result, Daemen College has one of the best paralegal programs in NY.

Daemen College is a private school that blends professional programs and liberal arts education in a perfect balance. As a result, students get the best of both worlds. They get a well-rounded education, but they also feel fully prepared for their future careers. The school has a dynamic campus with easy access to a lot of attractions and cities. Daemen’s Paralegal program comes with lots of internship opportunities in the Buffalo area.

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Program: Paralegal Studies BS

2. Hilbert College

Hillbert College’s Paralegal program includes an AAS and a BS option. The program combines in-classroom theoretical teaching with practical assignments and real-world knowledge. This way, students sharpen their critical thinking skills to make the most of their education. Hilbert is dedicated to providing skill training so that students can gain confidence in their abilities. When they graduate, these students are prepared to take on a wide range of paralegal jobs. That’s why it’s one of the best paralegal programs in New York state.

Hilbert has one of the most beautiful college campuses in New York, but that’s not the only thing that makes it appealing to students. Hilbert is a small school. As a matter of fact, it only has about 800 students. For those who need personalized attention and a small learning environment, Hilbert makes a great choice. It provides challenging academics and focused learning. Hilbert’s Paralegal program is the longest-running program of its kind in western New York.

Program: Paralegal AAS or BS

3. Marist College

Marist College offers a Paralegal Certificate program. This program provides plenty of professional training without a lot of the requirements that can come with a full Bachelor’s degree. In this program, students gain research skills, learn all about legal issues, and improve their communication. With weekend and evening classes, this program works well for busy students who need to maintain a certain level of flexibility. Overall, for those who are seeking a certificate, Marist is one of the best paralegal programs in New York.

Marist College is a strong school with a commitment to student success. Students here get a rich background in the liberal arts to complement their professional studies. All of its programs are dedicated to helping students gain skills and confidence. With a degree or certificate from Marist College, students learn what it takes to succeed in the professional world and beyond. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance highlighted Marist College among its “Best College Values” schools.

Program: Paralegal Certificate

4. Molloy College

Molloy College’s Paralegal Certificate program gets students ready for the professional world. Students can customize their studies to fit their own needs and goals. This challenging program covers legal knowledge, organizational skills, research, and professionalism. Once they graduate, students have the skills that they need to assist attorneys or even pursue a full legal studies degree later. Molloy College makes a great choice for those looking for paralegal programs in NY.

Molloy College is dedicated to providing an excellent education at an affordable rate. This Catholic college is rooted in the traditions of study, spirituality, and service. In other words, Molloy doesn’t just educate the brain. It educates the whole person. Students gain opportunities to deepen their spirituality and serve others with their passions and chosen career paths. Most of Molloy’s teaching faculty members have doctoral degrees.

Program: Paralegal Studies Certificate

5. Hofstra University

Hofstra University’s Paralegal Certificate program is designed to help students gain the professional skills they’ll need in a fast, accessible way. With a certificate from Hofstra, students can start working as legal assistance quickly. The program instills legal knowledge as well as other job-related skills that all paralegals need. This certificate is affordable and can provide an excellent ROI. That’s what makes it one of the best paralegal programs in NY.

Hofstra University is a private school that nurtures students and encourages their success. Hofstra students are free thinkers who pursue their studies from several angles. Students here gain a combination of liberal arts knowledge and professional knowledge so that they get a well-rounded education with plenty of practical skills. According to the Payscale College Salary Report, Hofstra is one of the top 6% of universities for mid-range alumni salary for those with only a Bachelor’s degree.

Program: Paralegal Studies Certificate

6. Genesee Community College

Genessee Community College’s Paralegal AAS program introduces students to a fast-paced and exciting career. This two year program is taught by attorneys, so students get an education from real-world professionals. At the end of the program, students gain confidence in their organizing, research, and communication skills. They also gain a broad overview of the legal issues that they may research on the job. For those who want an Associate’s degree, Genesee has one of the best paralegal programs in New York.

Genesee Community College is dedicated to providing an affordable education based on career skills. As part of the SUNY network, Genesee provides plenty of opportunities and resources. With an Associate’s degree from Genesee, students can begin their careers or move on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. In any case, students here learn from professionals and get the support that they need for success. 92% of Genesee’s recent graduates are either employed or have transferred to a four year school.

Program: Paralegal Studies AAS

7. St John’s University

St. John’s University has several Paralegal Studies options, including a certificate program. In any case, students here learn how to think critically and to pull from all of their relevant knowledge in problem solving. Students also gain the practical knowledge that they’ll need to start their paralegal careers. With a paralegal education from St. John’s University, alumni can begin their job searches with confidence. Whether you’re looking for paralegal certificate programs in NYC or want to pursue a full degree, St. John’s makes a great choice.

St. John’s University is a Catholic school that provides a full education. Students here can grow both mentally and spiritually. Faculty here provide the support that their students need to find success. This school emphasizes service to others and provides plenty of opportunities to practice that service. Students learn how to apply their own knowledge and skills to the greater good. St. John’s University has seven campuses, including one in Paris, one in Rome, and another in Ireland.

Program: Paralegal AS, BS, certificate

8. Westchester Community College

Westchester Community College’s Paralegal program comes with two potential pathways: AAS or BS. (Graduates are guaranteed admission to a SUNY four year school). The program prepares students to take on specific paralegal responsibilities. Students learn how to assist attorneys in their research and organization. The program covers ethics, knowledge of the court system, legal terminology, and critical thinking. For those who want an affordable, efficient program, Westchester is one of the pest paralegal programs in NY.

Westchester Community College gives students a cost-effective way to get a great education. This career-focused school helps people achieve their goals by teaching the essentials. No matter the pathway that students choose, WCC is there to support them on their way. Those who want to change careers or enhance their current careers have found success at Westchester. Westchester is a Veteran Friendly Campus. It has several programs meant to support veteran students.

Program: Paralegal AAS or BS

9. Finger Lakes Community College

Finger Lakes Community College has two Paralegal Studies options: a Certificate program and an AAS. Both programs help students to thrive in current legal office environments. These programs start with core knowledge and skills. Then, they add more specified knowledge. Through these programs, students learn all of the essentials of being a paralegal. The program has evening and weekend class opportunities, making it one of the best paralegal programs in New York for those who need flexibility.

FLCC is a part of the wider SUNY network, so it provides a lot of resources for students. This skill-focused school helps students stretch their skills and reach their potential. Faculty members help their students find success in their studies so that they can find success in their careers. At this school, students can challenge themselves as they build connections and pursue opportunities. About 80% of FLCC students receive some level of financial aid.

Program: Paralegal & Legal Studies AAS

10. Bronx Community College

Bronx Community College’s Paralegal program is one of the best paralegal programs in New York City. This AAS program teaches the fundamentals of legal knowledge. It also enhances the critical skills that paralegals need to work effectively alongside an attorney. This program recognizes that the need for paralegals is growing across several sectors. This program equips people to step into that need. That’s what makes it one of the best paralegal programs in NYC.

Bronx Community College is a great place for students to jumpstart their careers. This school is committed to student success. It instills the skills that these students need to move forward in whatever direction they may choose. Here, students get a solid foundation on which to build their lives. BCC is highly affordable and has lots of financial aid opportunities.

Program: Paralegal Studies AAS

Can I Get an Online Paralegal Program in New York?

There are many options for online paralegal schools in New York. If you’re a busy working professional who wants to open up your career opportunities, there’s no need to disrupt your schedule by getting your education in a traditional classroom. Many ABA-approved schools offer paralegal programs that can be completed completely online. (Be aware, however, that the online programs are not officially ABA-approved – only the campus version.) If you prefer the classroom experience, you may want to look for online paralegal schools in New York that offer hybrid programs. In a hybrid program, you’ll complete some of your education online, and some of your education in a traditional classroom.

Some people who earned their earlier education in a traditional setting may be concerned about getting the benefits of peer and professor interaction. Today’s online schooling is set up so that you still get all the benefits of learning from your peers and your instructor. When you complete courses online, you’ll participate in discussion boards, watch videos, and have access to your instructor to ask questions, just like you would in the traditional classroom setting. Some courses allow you to work whenever is convenient for you, while others require you to be online at specific times to interact with others.

How is the Job Market for Paralegals in New York?

The demand for paralegal jobs in New York is currently high. Nationwide, the increase in paralegal job openings is at 15%, while the openings for entry-level paralegal jobs in New York is at 16%. While this increase may sound small, that 1% difference indicates thousands of available paralegal jobs in New York.

Top law firms are on the hunt for people who need entry-level paralegal jobs in New York City. They’re looking for well-trained, detail-oriented professionals who love exploring and researching the law. Both large law firms and government agencies are among the top hiring organizations for entry-level paralegal jobs in New York. While paralegal jobs can be found anywhere, big cities with highly ranked law firms are the best place for a paralegal. When you’re looking for entry-level paralegal jobs in New York City, you’ll have no shortage of options. As you’re completing your education, it’s key to participate in internships and real-life experience in order to give you a competitive edge when looking for a paralegal job in New York.

How Much Do Paralegals in New York Make?

Interested in learning more about paralegal salary in New York City? The average salary of a paralegal in New York can depend on a number of different factors. The high cost of living in New York City means that area paralegals typically make well over the national average. The top 10% of paralegals nationwide earn approximately $75,000 per year. The paralegal in New York salary can be lower at entry level. Nationwide, starting paralegal salaries average at $29,000. The starting paralegal salary in New York City is significantly higher, at $42,000 per year.

To increase your paralegal in New York salary, there are many things you can do while earning your degree to bolster your resume. The average salary of paralegal in New York is not set in stone. Your future employer will determine your paralegal salary in New York based on your grades, your degree, your experience, and other factors on your resume. An internship at a well-respected law firm can go a long way in increasing your initial salary offer at your first job after completing your degree.

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