25 Paralegal Schools for Job Placement

Here is a comprehensive list of 25 Paralegal Schools for Job Placement. Please follow along to learn more about this amazing career!

Wondering how to find a job as a paralegal? Sure, on one level it’s as simple as searching the paralegal job boards, looking for paralegal jobs online, and putting in an application. But jobs for paralegals with no experience are hard to come by; anyone with a high school diploma qualifies to become a paralegal, but law firms want to see experience. While you may find paralegal training jobs that teach you the ropes while you work, your better option is to earn a paralegal certificate, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree from a program that will make paralegal job placement their top priority.

Paralegals play a crucial role in the legal system, conducting research, investigating facts, interviewing clients, and performing legal research and writing. Though they can’t directly advise clients on legal matters, they’re the backbone of many firms and government organizations worldwide. There are a number of ways to become a paralegal, the most common of which include certifications and associate’s degree programs, both of which are much shorter and more affordable than law school. More than 80% of all paralegals have received some formal paralegal education, according to the National Federation of Paralegal Associations.

Finding jobs for paralegals with no experience is hard, but the best paralegal programs will take the mystery out of the process. That’s why Online Paralegal Programs has ranked the Top 25 Paralegal Schools for Job Placement – to help aspiring paralegals find certificate and degree programs in their area that will help them find paralegal jobs at graduation. So stop wasting your time searching “part time paralegal jobs near me” and find a program that makes the search unnecessary.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Schools for Paralegal Job Placement

The rank of the Top 25 Paralegal Schools for Job Placement, and Online Paralegal Programs was interested in one thing: employment rates for graduates. Well, that’s not all; OPP selected only regionally-accredited programs, many of them ABA-approved, that have a proven track record of quality paralegal instruction. But the main focus of the Paralegal Job Placement ranking is their success in getting program graduates jobs. After all, that’s what you’re looking for.

Programs are ranked by job placement, according to College Scorecard data.

1. Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Clarion University of Pennsylvania’s paralegal studies program offers a number of opportunities for aspiring paralegals. The BS in Business Administration Paralegal Studies degree gives students a full 4-year bachelor’s dedicated to paralegal studies, while two certificate programs allow students to add on a paralegal credential to another bachelor’s degree: the Advanced Paralegal Studies Certificate, or the Advanced Paralegal Studies Oil and Gas Certificate, for students in the petroleum industry. For an associate’s degree, Clarion’s unique Courts and Community Services concentration prepares AS Paralegal students to advocate for victims, especially children, in the court system.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania is focused on the needs of Pennsylvania’s people, with campuses in Oil City and Pittsburgh joining the main Clarion, PA, campus to reach out to PA’s hard-working adults. While it was founded in 1867 as a seminary, today Clarion is a public university dedicated to making the best life and most successful career for its students. The ABA approved paralegal programs excel in helping students get entry level paralegal jobs, and set out on their paralegal career path with confidence.

Degree: BSBA or BSBA in Paralegal Studies; 2 Advanced Paralegal certificates
Employment Rate: 94%

2. University of North Georgia

When you’re looking for jobs for paralegals with no experience, a good university paralegal program will help. By obtaining the University of North Georgia’s Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies, you have an opportunity to find a career that works with your degree. The paralegal program focuses on your role as a paralegal and providing the support a lawyer needs when working on a case. You learn the skills to assist with the paperwork and legal documents to help a lawyer save time while researching a case.

The University of North Georgia stands out when you want to find paralegal jobs online because you can use the school’s job board to find more details about potential career opportunities. The school focuses on building strong communities among students and graduates, so you have an opportunity to work with other graduates from the university. The university has focused on assisting students and has increased the number of internships by more than 200 percent over the course of five years.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 93%

3. Tulane University

Tulane University’s BA in Paralegal Studies and Post-Bachelor’s Paralegal Certificate help graduates find paralegal training jobs to take the first step of their career. The paralegal studies through the university focus on general studies of law and setting a foundation for a long-term career goal. When students complete their education at the university, they will a paralegal certificate that allows them to start working under a lawyer as a paralegal. It also sets a foundation for students who want to start working as paralegal while studying for a law degree.

Tulane University is the most prestigious research institution in Louisiana, with a history in New Orleans dating back to 1834. As the oldest ABA-approved program in the region, Tulane’s paralegal BA and certificate are trusted and respected by law firms and businesses throughout Louisiana and the Deep South. Students are able to start working after looking at paralegal job boards because they qualify for the position. It also allows students to consider more advanced studies while they work at a law firm as a paralegal.

Degree: Associate of Arts (AS) in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 91%

4. Clayton State University

If you are searching for part-time paralegal jobs near me, then you will want to consider the Clayton State University Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. The associate’s degree allows students to work as paralegal after graduation and provides a well-rounded education with general studies. Since the students learn general studies as part of their degree, they are able to move forward with a bachelor’s degree in the future if they want to return to school. It also helps you qualify for a position working with a lawyer and providing appropriate services as a paralegal.

Clayton State University began in 1969 as a junior college, and its commitment to the highest standards of technical education is evident in its ABA-approved Paralegal AAS. The AAS program is also fully transferable, giving graduates a head start if they decide to go on to a paralegal bachelor’s or to head to law school in the future. The focus on legal studies allows students to feel confident when they join the workforce as paralegal.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 90%

5. Eastern Kentucky University

A key aspect of learning how to find a job as a paralegal is your education. With Eastern Kentucky University’s Paralegal programs – the BA in Paralegal Science, the AAS in Paralegal Studies, and the Certificate in Paralegal Science – students are prepared for a paralegal career. Graduates of the associate’s program can start working under a lawyer or attorney in just two years, while a full 4-year bachelor’s, or the post-bachelor’s paralegal certificate, can make graduates real competitors on the job market.

Eastern Kentucky University has a long history in Kentucky, building up nearly a century and a half of trust that serves graduates well on the job market. Generous transfer policies allow students to earn credits from other schools, or to bring in previously-earned credits toward their bachelor’s. A selection of online classes allows students to work on their coursework and classes when it fits their schedule. EKU is well known throughout Kentucky, making it one of the best paralegal schools for job placement in the South.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 90%

6. University of Montana

The University of Montana’s Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies is a proven winner for paralegal job placement. The legal program teaches students the theory behind laws and the practical skills they will need to support a lawyer or attorney with their legal cases. Students learn ethics and standards that apply to their long-term career goals and have the foundation to build on a career in the legal field. Approval of the American Bar Association for their program lets students feel confident that their education will help them find a career in the paralegal field when they complete an AAS in Paralegal Studies.

The University of Montana is Big Sky Country’s flagship, the institution most responsible for preparing Montana’s professional workforce, and its long history (nearly as long as the state itself) has built a reputation that gets jobs. U of M’s associate’s degree programs also help students gain an understanding of the foundation of their profession if they decide to pursue more advanced education in the future, making an investment in a Paralegal associate’s more than just a way to get jobs for paralegals with no experience; it’s a door to more.

Degree: Associate of Applied of Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 90%

7. Vincennes University

Vincennes University’s Paralegal Associate of Science program builds up its graduates’ resumes for paralegal job placement. The degree program focuses on quality education and helps students understand the theory behind certain laws as well as the skills they need to handle tasks assigned by a lawyer or attorney. As the program is designed for transfer to a bachelor’s program, students will find that the Paralegal AS helps them understand the foundation of general studies and move on to a 4-year program – and even, eventually, to law school – more easily.

Vincennes University stands out for its focus on the students and excellence among its students. Founded in 1801, Vincennes was the first college in the Northwest Territory, and few names are as known and trusted in the Midwest. That means students in the Paralegal AS program have opportunities to seek an internship or other career opportunities that help with their ability to obtain a job in the legal industry. Vincennes’ long-standing roots mean connections throughout Indiana mean that graduates may never even have to hit the paralegal job boards – businesses and law offices are looking for them.

Degree: Paralegal Associate of Science (AS)
Employment Rate: 90%

8. Faulkner University

When you want to start a career as a paralegal, then Faulkner University’s Associate of Science in Legal Studies is a good choice for your education. The program teaches legal research, criminal evidence, and family law to help you understand the foundation you need to assist and support an attorney. As a Christian college, Faulkner greatly emphasizes ethics and responsibility. Students build a strong foundation in general studies before moving into specialized legal studies. You can then choose a specific area of law with elective courses that help you finalize your plans for your career.

One of the foremost private colleges in Alabama, Faulkner University has been part of the higher education landscape in the Deep South since 1942. With extension campuses throughout the state, Faulkner is dedicated to meeting the needs of working adult students where they are. Faulkner’s faculty guide students to select the area of law they prefer and offers specialized courses directed toward their career goals. The general studies help you prepare for more advanced education and ensure that you can make the right decision for your career when you finish the associate’s degree.

Degree: Associate of Science (AS) in Legal Studies
Employment Rate: 89%

9. Finger Lakes Community College

Finger Lakes Community College’s Paralegal Associate of Applied Science program\ allows you to find paralegal jobs online by providing the education they need for their career. The paralegal program focuses on the practical skills you need as a paralegal to work in specialized areas of law. You will learn about housing or property law, family law, criminal law, and trust or estate law as part of your studies. That focus on practical skills helps you provide a high level of support a legal team needs to succeed when working with their clients. The American Bar Association approves FLCC’s AAS degree as well as its paralegal certification program.

Finger Lakes Community College has been serving the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York since 1965, earning a strong reputation for its focus on quality technical education. By following the high standards set by the American Bar Association, paralegal students can go to the paralegal job boards confident that the program will meet or exceed the expectations of any law firm or business seeking a paralegal.

Degree: Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Employment Rate: 89%

10. Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College’s Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies helps students prepare for a career in a legal environment. The program is approved by the American Bar Association and it focuses on helping students prepare and advance in a career. Beyond just providing the basics of a legal secretarial job, JCCC gives students a strong grounding in the law, reinforced with hands-on practice in role-playing and hypothetical situations a paralegal may face. Students even attend the Kansas Court of Appeals to experience a courtroom first-hand.

Johnson County Community College stands out from other programs is its focus on helping students succeed in their careers. JCCC has been preparing paralegals for the job market for more than 40 years, building a reputation in the region and building connections with law firms and businesses. The program provides opportunities for students to network with legal professionals and builds up their reputations. That assists with the process of finding a job after you complete the program and allows you to focus on developing specialized skills for your work in a law firm.

Degree: Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 89%

11. Post University

Post University’s Associate of Science in Legal Studies focuses on developing a student’s skills and abilities. Students are able to build a strong foundation by taking general studies courses before moving into more focused areas of their education. Students learn to support a legal team and have the basic foundation they need to continue into higher education if they decide to pursue legal studies in the future. Post paralegal associates differ from other programs by putting emphasis on the value of organization and leadership. Students do not only learn about the law and the basics of legal research.

Post University began in 1890 as a secretarial school and continues today as a regionally-accredited for-profit institution known as much for its job market pull as its academic accomplishment. As one of the most trusted business schools in New England, Post has built a network of connections that make it a leader in paralegal job placement. The AS coursework allows students to develop useful skills that assist with their work as paralegal and provide an opportunity for more advanced skills in their future.

Degree: Associate in Science in Legal Studies
Employment Rate: 89%

12. SUNY Rockland Community College

When you want to obtain a degree to work as a paralegal, SUNY Rockland Community College’s Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies prepares you for your career in the legal industry. The program helps you understand your role as a paralegal or a legal assistant and teaches you the skills you need to support a lawyer or a law firm. The degree program ensures that you know how to interview witnesses, the basics of legal research and the process of preparing legal documents. The program is approved by the American Bar Association and it ensures that students are prepared to work with a lawyer or attorney.

SUNY Rockland Community College is part of the renowned State University of New York System, one of the world’s foremost public higher education systems. Opened in 1959, RCC is a crucial part of workforce education in the region, with extensive connections for paralegal job placement making the Paralegal ASS a sound career choice. The paralegal program prepares students to work in an entry-level position and helps students understand the skills they will need to work on and develop as they move into more advanced areas of their career.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 89%

13. University of Providence

The University of Providence’s two paralegal studies programs – the Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies, and the BS in Legal and Paralegal Studies – provide two options for aspiring paralegals to earn the credentials they need to shine on the paralegal job boards. The program offers general studies and legal studies to prepare students for their careers in the legal industry. It ensures that students understand legal writing and analysis as part of the foundational studies before students move into more specialized areas of study.

The University of Providence (formerly the University of Great Falls) is earning a reputation for its focus on networking within the community. It’s the same excellent institution founded in 1934, just rebranded. The university strives to teach students proper ethics and encourages students to get involved in the local community, one of the reasons it has developed such a strong success rate for job placement. Getting into the community and creating a good name allows students to learn basic networking skills that enhance their opportunities for a career after graduation.

Degree: Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 89%

14. Delaware Technical and Community College

Delaware Technical and Community College’s Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program prepares students to land lucrative paralegal job placements. The ABA-approved program is designed to help you use a range of research methods to complete a variety of legal activities as a legal assistant. Students are required to complete a practical internship to supplement classroom knowledge and allow them to gain the valuable industry experience that employers are always asking for. Graduates from Delaware Technical and Community College are able to pursue career opportunities in federal, state, and local government institutions. Graduates can also find employment in the court system, law firms, insurance agencies, banks, and private businesses.

DTCC’s Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program is offered at the Dover and Georgetown campuses. Delaware Technical and Community College prepares graduates for various positions in their career paths such as paralegal, legal office manager, legal assistant, and legal records clerk. Delaware Tech is an open-admission institution dedicated to ensuring that its students succeed in getting jobs under local employers and supporting the Delawarean community. Delaware Tech is a reputable educational leader in the State.

Degree: Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Employment Rate: 88%

15. Des Moines Area Community College

Des Moines Area Community College’s Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program is designed to prepare students for an exciting career in the legal profession. As a DMACC graduate, you with work with lawyers in solving cases by conducting thorough research and preparing necessary documents accordingly. The Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program prepares students to perform a wide range of services needed by lawyers. Graduates from DMACC can find paralegal jobs online or work in courts, public agencies, private law firms, and legal departments of companies. The skills and abilities needed include effective communication skills, good reading skills, basic computer skills, and strong technical skills.

DMACC is one of the most accomplished higher-educational institutions in the United States and the fastest-growing college according to Community College Week. The college uses a unique student support and education approach to ensure that it produces the best employment-ready paralegals. The fact that the college is located in Central Iowa makes it perfect for students who want to study and work. In addition, the college was voted as the “Best Place to Continue Your Education” by CityView readers as it produces knowledgeable paralegals for the Central Iowa job market.

Degree: Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Employment Rate: 88%

16. Broward College

The Broward College Associate of Science (AS) in Paralegal Studies program is committed to training paralegals who can contribute to shaping the way the legal system directly impacts every citizen. The program is designed for students seeking a career in a law-related field working as paralegals. Upon successful completion of the Associate of Science (AS) in Paralegal Studies, which is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA), a student will be able to perform vital legal functions as a paralegal working under the supervision of a lawyer. Graduates from Broward College may be responsible for conducting legal and factual research, drafting legal documents, assisting with trial preparations, and meeting with witnesses or clients.

Broward College has regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC), which means that you can be awarded a degree in paralegal studies from the institution. The faculty members who teach the Associate of Science (AS) in Paralegal Studies at the college are established, attorneys and judges. These experienced local professionals in the legal system contribute a lot to the success of paralegal studies at Broward College by bringing their courtroom expertise and knowledge to the classroom.

Degree: Associate of Science (AS) in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 87%

17. Rasmussen College

Students who want to learn how to find paralegal jobs can enroll in Rasmussen College’s Paralegal Associate’s degree program. The college offers a career-focused curriculum and practical opportunities in online paralegal courses to prepare graduates for successful careers in the legal field. As a student, you will develop critical-thinking skills and strong writing skills necessary to excel in the college’s online Paralegal program. You will be prepared on how to conduct factual research and prepare legal documents for trials, hearings, and corporate meetings. With the college’s intensive hands-on training, graduates can work with fast-paced teams within the legal system. The online degree used Rasmussen’s Flex Choice format to make it affordable for students to combine self-directed assessments and coursework as well as receive credit for what they know.

The paralegal studies curriculum offered by Rasmussen College is designed to academically prepare students to strive for certification and eventually launch their careers. Upon graduating from Rasmussen College and passing the CLA/CP Examination, a student can begin a lucrative career in today’s highly competitive legal environment. According to BLS, the projected job growth potential for paralegals is expected to reach 15 percent between 2016 and 2026. Rasmussen College prepares you to be part of this growth.

Degree: Paralegal Associate’s
Employment Rate: 87%

18. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

The Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies will help you achieve your dreams of working as a professional in the legal field. Paralegal Studies at SMWC focus on studying law in relation to society, history, and politics within the context of liberal arts. The Associate’s in Paralegal program is offered through the Woods Online program and explores the impacts of law and society. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is accredited and consistently listed as a top institution offering online undergraduate programs in America. SMWC is a respected member of the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE), which has been in existence since 1989.

SMWC embodies a spirit of student-centered academic innovation and leadership to transform communities across the world. The faculty members at SMWC are dedicated to empowering students to think critically and engage in effective change and leadership in a spirit of social responsibility. The college demonstrates a commitment to values such as spirituality, sustainability, social justice, and women’s issues. The college has an inclusive diversity commitment, which embraces the thoughts of faculty members, students, and staff regardless of their traditions or values. The institution fosters dynamic learning and a culture of teamwork which allows for the free exchange of ideas in work environments.

Degree: Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 87%

19. Seminole State College of Florida

Seminole State College of Florida’s Legal Assistant/Paralegal Associate of Science (AS) program prepares students to become paralegals or legal assistants in five semesters. The college offers real-world experience and hands-on training to students and is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). The legal studies program is designed to prepare qualified applicants to work under the supervision of licensed attorneys. The program helps students play vital roles as members of legal teams in various environments such as courts, corporations, private law firms, and government offices. Students undergo intensive training programs where they receive academic instruction in a wide range of legal areas and applications in tech-enhanced settings. The program is integrated with professional ethical behavior and the development of specialized skills to help promote exceptional critical-thinking skills.

Seminole State College’s diverse faculty provides an educational foundation that is committed to preparing graduates to meet the current and future requirements of the ever-changing legal environment. The internship program requirement helps students earn actual work experience in a legal environment before they start looking for paralegal jobs on paralegal job boards. The college encourages students to sit for one of the national certification examinations by aiding them through the curriculum. Upon certification and completion of the exams, graduates from the Seminole State College of Florida can assist with hearings, trials, depositions, draft motions, conduct legal research, attend client meetings, and draft memoranda.

Degree: Legal Assistant/Paralegal Associate of Science (AS)
Employment Rate: 87%

20. Middlesex Community College

Middlesex Community College’s Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies prepares graduates to find paralegal jobs working under the supervision of attorneys. A graduate can assist a lawyer in gathering information, analyzing factual data, conducting research on legal questions, and preparing crucial legal documents necessary for hearings, trials, and depositions. AS Paralegal Studies emphasizes practice-oriented preparation and solid academic knowledge in the legal field. The concentration courses are enhanced by the core curriculum in general education. In addition, the AS Paralegal Studies have been approved by the American Bar Association. Graduates have the option of entering the job market directly or continuing with their bachelor’s degree studies.

Academic advisors at Middlesex Community College work closely with all students to guide them on specific program planning. The college acknowledges that paralegals continue to be in a growth occupation and is committed to producing the best functional workforce that can contribute towards positively shaping the legal system and its service to the public. The college has an internship course to mold students into the workforce.

Degree: AS Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 87%

21. Massachusetts Bay Community College

Massachusetts Bay Community College’s AS Paralegal Studies program is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in the field of law as paralegals. The courses at MassBay are offered day, evening, over the weekends, and online. Applicants are advised to check for the availability of courses online when applying. The program prepares students to research the sophisticated nature of legal issues effectively, investigate, draft legal documents, render procedural assistance in law-related issues, and interview clients and witness. The program combines hands-on work experience and curriculum of liberal arts, legal courses, and business.

Students at the faculty in MassBay receive extensive training in various online research methods applied in established law offices in order to provide the legal researcher with immediate, crucial access to statutes, cases, and administrative regulations. When students complete the program, they’re awarded the Associate in Science Degree in Paralegal studies. MassBay strives to instill the importance of civic pride, culture, arts, and the spirit of volunteerism in its students, staff, and faculty.

Degree: AS Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 87%

22. Brookdale Community College

If you plan to venture into the paralegal career, enroll in the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies at the Brookdale Community College. Graduates from college can work in public agencies, private law firms, and the legal departments of large corporations. As a graduate of the college, you can become an active professional in the legal environment assisting lawyers in drafting legal documents, writing wills, reports, and interviewing clients and witnesses. Upon completion of the training and necessary certification, you can work in various legal settings including government offices, private law firms, and the legal departments of reputable corporations.

Brookdale Community College is Monmouth County, New Jersey’s community college. The college offers the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies in online courses for busy or working students through the Teaching and Learning Center. Students can get more information about the program, admissions, and registrations on the college’s website. The College Alumni Association is very supportive to continuing students, enhancing Brookdale Community College’s standard of excellence through mentorship and academic scholarship opportunities.

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 86%

23. Florida State College at Jacksonville

If you want to learn legal research, the litigation process, technology in law, and criminal law in Florida, then enroll in Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Associate of Science (AS) in Paralegal Studies. In fact, FSCJ’s program is the only ABA approved program in North Florida. The program is specifically designed to help students who are interested in taking up careers in the legal profession. The courses will provide you with substantive knowledge in various areas of real estate law, family law, and criminal law. You will also acquire vital skills necessary for working as a paralegal. The program includes an internship program whereby you’ll be required to undergo a minimum of 180 intern hours during your last student term at a law-related office.

FSCJ is a critical part of workforce education for North Florida, and has been since 1965. FSCJ is quickly growing from a community college to a full 4-year college, offering more bachelor’s degrees than associate’s. The college has become known for exceptionally supportive programs to help its graduates come out as ethical professionals who can comfortably deliver high-quality paralegal services in different legal settings.

Degree: Associate of Science (AS) in Paralegal Studies
Employment Rate: 86%

24. Illinois Central College

The mission of Illinois Central College’s Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program is to produce well-rounded and competent paralegals who meet market demands working under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Graduates from ICC can work in various areas of the practice of law, especially performing various legal tasks such as conducting legal research, interviewing clients and witnesses, conducting investigations, preparing legal documents, and other duties delegated to an attorney. A paralegal looking for part-time paralegal jobs near me or paralegal training jobs can greatly benefit from the Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Paralegal program. The program has been approved by ABA.

Illinois Central College’s believes that everyone should have access to quality college education. They have a very supportive program for its students. Faculty helps students who are enrolling for the Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Paralegal program for the first time and professionals who want to retool their skills. In addition, ICC offers diverse approaches to learning to enable all students from all walks of life to benefit equally so that they can enter the workforce quickly.

Degree: Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Employment Rate: 86%

25. Lamar State College – Port Arthur

Lamar State College’s Associate of Applied Science Paralegal Program prepares students for the work of legal assistants, from drafting documents to research to interviewing witnesses. As an ABA-approved paralegal program in the Houston metropolitan area, there is an abundance of job opportunities for paralegals: not only in law offices, but in the banking, business, and government sectors of Houston. The 2-year AAS program is ample career preparation and can lead to a higher degree.

Lamar State College dates back to a business school founded in 1909 by the founder of Texaco, providing education for the region’s burgeoning oil industry. The school has been through many iterations over a century, including a stint as an extension campus for Lamar University, but today Lamar State is a public community college dedicated to career programs and technical skills. With a long history of connections in Port Arthur-Houston, Lamar State has had great success placing graduates on a paralegal career path.

Degree: Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Employment Rate: 86%

Are There Jobs for Paralegals with No Experience?

The question of how to find a job as a paralegal when you’re first starting out is a dicey one. The short answer: It depends on the law firm doing the hiring. There’s no real set paralegal job description; it depends on the firm. On one hand, experience is always a plus no matter the profession. On the other hand, everybody has to start somewhere, which means that at some point, you’ll have to find jobs for paralegals with no experience.

Attorneys, of course, must pass specific education, training, and tests before they can legally practice. The US government has no such regulations for paralegals. Therefore, it’s up to the law firm to decide whom they will hire and what type of experience level they’d prefer. Jobs for paralegals with no experience do exist if law firms are willing to take a chance. As a paralegal, you’ll probably start with one of these jobs. Jobs that require less experience also tend to offer less pay. However, over time, you can build your experience and apply for jobs with better salaries.

Are you wondering how to find a job as a paralegal without having any legal experience? You can take a lot of different pathways, including:

Paralegal Training Jobs – Some paralegals start with little to no training. Instead, they learn as they go by getting a paralegal training job. This type of job can be difficult to find, and they’re often part-time jobs. Sometimes, a law firm or lawyer prefers to train their paralegals in their particular system from the beginning, in which case, no experience means no problem. If you’re interested in on-the-job training, look up “part time paralegal jobs near me” to see if you can find anything.

Certificate or Associate’s Degree – If your “part-time paralegal jobs near me” search didn’t give you the results that you wanted, you can always take a more traditional path. Most good paralegal programs will have support with paralegal job placement and will have built up relationships with law firms and businesses in the area. You can get your degree in person or online, but make sure that you check for accreditation before you apply.

Internships – Some law firms offer internships, both paid and unpaid, that include paralegal positions.

Certification Programs – Some organizations offer certification programs for paralegal training. These programs take about a year to complete.

Will My Paralegal Program Help Me Find a Job?

At the very least, your paralegal program will help you develop the skills that you’ll need to find jobs. For example, it will likely show you how to find the most reputable paralegal job boards.

Some paralegal education programs take it a step further though, actively helping their students with paralegal job placement. These programs sometimes have their own paralegal job boards, for example. Some may have a paralegal job placement program, meaning that they can put you in contact with attorneys with paralegal training jobs. They’ll also help you build your resume for paralegal jobs, (even an online resume) and develop your interview skills.

When looking for a school or paralegal job placement program, ask representatives what they do specifically to help students find jobs.

Are There Any Paralegal Jobs Online?

You can absolutely find paralegal jobs online. Paralegals who work primarily online are called virtual paralegals. Virtual paralegals do most of the same things that in-person paralegals do, including research and document organization. These jobs, of course, come with pros and cons. On the positive side, you can work from home and have flexible hours. On the other hand, since you’ll likely work as a freelancer, you won’t have benefits such as healthcare through your job.

Want more information about paralegal programs and how to find a job as a paralegal? The contact page is always available. Get in touch at any time to ask about schools and career programs.

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