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  • Top 10 Attorney Jobs

    This top ten list of attorney jobs was selected based upon the popularity of the jobs. Popularity is obviously judged by how common the jobs are, but there are a few things that determine popularity. Most people pick their job,…

  • Top 10 Most Groundbreaking Court Cases

    Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Groundbreaking Court Cases. Follow along to learn more about these cases if you are interested. Groundbreaking court cases are those that take into question the laws practiced throughout the nation or…

  • Top Online Resources for Paralegals

    It can be difficult to stay on top of the changes in the legal field when you're busy actually working in the legal field. After all, time is a resource just as precious as money can ever be. Because of…

  • How Do I Become…?

    This page is here to help you advance your paralegal career. If there is something you would like to see on this page, leave us a comment. How to become a paralegal

  • The 10 Highest Paying Paralegal Jobs

    When you are in search of paralegal jobs, you want to consider the highest-paying ones. This means you will have to check out a variety of options including areas of the country, different types of employers, and working within different…

  • Paralegal Certification: A Basic Guide

    In the legal world, paralegals hold an extremely important role in both law firms and government agency offices alike. Paralegals are vital members of the legal team that are responsible for assisting attorneys with casework, investigating research for court cases,…

  • A Step by Step Guide to Paralegal Training

    Paralegals are the assistants at law firms who help with various administrative and legal duties. Most paralegals research the law for lawyers and help draft legal documents a lawyer will need for their cases. At the same time, paralegals organize…

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