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  • Fired for Facebook

    Share this infographic on your site! YOU POSTED WHAT?! As we live more of our lives online, social media has become the new water cooler for employees to discuss working conditions. On one hand, employers have the fear of disgruntled…

  • The Law School Bubble Has Burst

    Share this infographic on your site! The Law School Bubble has Burst In 2010 nearly 50,000 students accepted admission to law schools. From the same year, only 51% of graduates found employment in private practice. And only 68% of grads…

  • 10 Hero Lawyers Who Helped The Poor and Marginalized

    In our broken system, legal help can be so expensive that the innocent and needy are often forced to suffer because they cannot afford the help they need to legally maintain their rights. But there is hope for those who…

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