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In the state of Nevada, paralegals are in demand. When a person searches for “paralegal certification Nevada,” he or she will discover various options. The results for “paralegal certification Nevada” include numerous results that can jumpstart a degree in the legal field in little time. In fact, it takes a matter of weeks to complete a certification that can provide a person with enough education to enter the field.

Besides earning a Nevada paralegal certification, a person may also choose to earn a degree in paralegal studies. This takes longer to complete than a Nevada paralegal certification; however, it more adequately prepares a person for a career. Additionally, a person is more likely to obtain a job and have more responsibilities along with higher pay with a degree. A degree also allows a person to work alongside legal professionals, and a degree in paralegal studies could also be a starting point for earning a law degree to practice as an attorney.

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How We Ranked the Best Paralegal Programs in Nevada

To rank the best paralegal programs in Nevada, Online Paralegal Programs editors focused on the accredited, legitimate certificate and degree programs in the Silver State. From there, we ranked programs according to their cost, reputation, and student success.

1. University of Nevada, Reno

The University of Nevada in Reno offers some of the best paralegal programs in the state. The University also offers a Paralegal Studies Certificate program for students who are already working as paralegals but need to meet their continuing education requirements. Both certification and degree programs provide students with the necessary skills to not only assist attorneys but also manage their office and obligations. The best paralegal programs are designed to provide each student with a customized educational program they can use to further their career.

The University of Nevada Reno is well-known for its many different programs. From 365 Learning to Contract Training, the university has degree programs and certification courses so students can choose the type of educational program that they need to meet their goals. Faculty members are dedicated to providing students the support and guidance they need to break down any barriers they may face when it comes to advancing their careers.

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Program: Paralegal Studies Certificate

2. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The University of Nevada – Las Vegas makes the best paralegal programs in the state available to students who are interested in becoming a paralegal or finding employment in a legal firm. Paralegal degree or certification programs provide all of the skills and abilities that a paralegal needs to not only perform their duties effectively but also take the steps they need to advance their career and possibly return to law school at a later date.

The University of Nevada – Las Vegas takes pride in offering a paralegal certification program that allows the student to take advantage of many campus resources. Faculty members are legal professionals who can provide the support and encouragement that each student needs as they move through this phase of their education. Once the student graduates, they can take on more responsibility in their place of employment or they can choose to move forward and take on a management position.

Program: Paralegal Studies Certificate

3. Truckee Meadows Community College

Truckee Meadows Community College offers one of the best paralegal programs in the state of Nevada. Paralegal programs offer skills in both legal and managerial areas. Paralegal studies offer an in-depth look into the legal field and give students a chance to learn how to perform several tasks that are required in the practice of law. Truckee Meadows Community College offers a Paralegal/Law program that provides all of the essential tools a graduate will need to make it in this fast-paced environment.

Truckee Meadows Community College provides students with a counseling center and computer labs that offer the latest technology and the most advanced information available. Students who enroll in the Paralegal/Law program are instructed by legal professionals who have many years of experience. With the exceptional curriculum and well-respected faculty, Truckee Meadows Community College can give students an advantage over their competitors when going for the higher-paying positions.

Program: Paralegal Studies AAS

4. Northwest Career College

Northwest Career College offers students one of the best paralegal programs in the Las Vegas area. Students who are pursuing a paralegal degree or certification must exhibit strong organizational and managerial skills as well as be adept at performing complicated legal tasks. Students are taught how to draft documents, create files, and collect valuable information for various cases. The best paralegal programs offer these skills and more so that students can compete in the fast-paced legal fields.

Northwest Career College is proud to say that students are its primary concern. Attorneys teach paralegal and law classes, ensuring that students fully understand the course material. Instructors make themselves available to students so that anytime there is a problem, help is immediately accessible. Northwest Career College is one of the most popular schools in the area for both accelerated and advanced paralegal degree programs. Once completed, these programs allow students to enter the workforce with confidence in their abilities and skills.

Program: Paralegal Studies Certificate

5. College of Southern Nevada

The College of Southern Nevada offers students some of the best paralegal programs available in the state of Nevada. The College provides classes that teach students how to perform all of the required tasks of a paralegal or someone who is working in a legal office or environment. Paralegal studies often include courses in how to manage, organize, and operate a legal office, as well as how to deal with investigations and research techniques. The best paralegal programs give graduates the best possible chance of pursuing the career they have always hoped for.

The College of Southern Nevada has multiple campuses in Henderson, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas. Legal professionals instruct classes at the college and are able to impart an advanced level of knowledge to students. Between the advanced coursework and the expertise of the faculty, graduates of the best paralegal programs will be able to take their degrees and apply for a variety of higher-paying jobs in the legal field. Certification programs are ideal for students who are already employed as paralegals but require up-to-date information to keep their current credentials up to date.

Program: Paralegal Studies AAS

Why Should I Get a Paralegal Degree or Certification in Nevada?

With a paralegal certification, a person can work in a law firm or choose to work as a legal transcriptionist. A transcription allows a person to work for him or herself, work from home, and even control how much he or she earns.

Another option for someone with a paralegal degree to do is become a legal blogger or writer, which a person may do on a contract basis and work from home. Some individuals with a paralegal degree choose to work with insurance companies. Other potential job opportunities include the following:

  • Bankruptcy petition preparer
  • Administrative assistant
  • Tax preparer
  • Claims adjuster
  • Legal secretary
  • Compliance officer
  • Claims investigator
  • Collections Specialist

Are Paralegals in Demand in Nevada?

State Bar of Nevada jobs for paralegals are in demand in the state of Nevada. Total, as of May 2019, there were 2,130 jobs for paralegals throughout the state of Nevada. The highest number of Nevada State Bar jobs were in Las Vegas and Reno. The number of jobs in the state of Nevada is expected to grow. In fact, the number of jobs for paralegals throughout the U.S. is expected to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the number of jobs for paralegals is projected to grow faster than average. Therefore paralegal jobs in Reno Nevada as well as paralegal jobs Las Vegas will see the growth as well. The BLS predicts paralegal jobs in the U.S. will grow by 12 percent from 2018 until 2028.

If someone is interested in pursuing State Bar of Nevada jobs, he or she may want to move near or  to Las Vegas or Reno. Paralegal jobs in Reno Nevada and paralegal jobs Las Vegas Nevada are highly in demand. Therefore, a person can easily find a job in these areas. Fortunately, a person may find paralegal jobs Las Vegas Nevada and jobs for paralegals in Las Vegas are both available to individuals with a certification or a degree. With many respected lawyers in Las Vegas, paralegal jobs in Las Vegas Nevada can be an excellent way for a paralegal to begin, learn, and grow in the field.

How Much Do Paralegals Make in Nevada?

Before becoming a paralegal, a person may want to know how much do paralegals make in Las Vegas or how much do paralegals make in Nevada in general. Fortunately, the paralegal salary in Nevada is lucrative, especially considering the minimal amount of education required for a person to earn either a certification or an associate’s degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the average paralegal salary in 2019 was $51,740 per year. If a person searches for “paralegal salary Nevada,” he or she will discover that the average paralegal in the state earns an average of $58,110, which is higher than the national average.

After a search for how much do paralegals make in Las Vegas, a person will discover that the average salary for a paralegal in Las Vegas is quite high. revealed that a paralegal in Las Vegas earned anywhere between $51,709 to $101,930. This average was taken on July 30, 2019. The salary a person earns as a paralegal varies based on what type of position a person takes on with his or her paralegal degree. For instance, certain specialties of law pay more than others.

If a person opts to become a legal transcriptionist with his or her degree, not only can he or she work from home, but a contractor’s pay depends upon his or her production. Typically, a transcriptionist may earn anywhere between $10 to $40 per hour.

A compliance offer earns an average of $68,652 per year. Legal secretaries and administrative assistants make a similar wage to paralegals — around $50,900 annually, which is the same as $24.47 per hour.

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