Can I Get a Law Degree Online?

At one point, it was impossible to get a law degree online because of restrictions implemented by the American Bar Association, often referred to as the ABA or simply “The Bar.” However, with the increased popularity of earning an education, people are now one step closer to being to get a law degree online, and in a few states, it’s possible to find programs that are fully online. Can I Get a Law Degree Online? This FAQ page will help a person answer the following questions, and get you started.

Can You Get a Law Degree Online?

While it’s possible to find schools when a person searches “law degrees online accredited,” not all of these options are actually accredited. Additionally, some of the search results for “law degrees online accredited” aren’t approved by the Bar. It’s important for a person to research about getting a law degree online in their particular state to discover the rules and regulations about the approved schools. Some of the schools that offer online law degree programs, even if they’re only partially online, may not be approved by the Bar.

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The only states that allow a person to earn a law degree completely online through one of the online law degree programs are California, New Mexico, Maine, and Minnesota. In California, getting a law degree online could mean attending either an accredited or non-accredited school. However, a person must research what schools he or she can get a law degree online to qualify the take the Bar exam to become an attorney.

If a person isn’t from one of these states, the answer to can a person get a law degree online could still be yes. A person can attend school in one of these states, pass the Bar exam, and possibly retake the Bar in another state. However, this isn’t possible for all states. Some states won’t let a person complete one of the law school online programs and sit for the Bar, even if they passed it in another state.

Some schools offer law degrees that are partially online. This means that the answer to can you do law school online is still yes in these states, but a person won’t fully be able to complete the degree online. A person can take basic classes online in law school online programs but will need to complete certain classes on campus.

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Another possible choice a person can opt for when if the answer to can I get a law degree online in their state is no, a person can take individual courses online that are part of a law degree program. Then, he or she can transfer those credits.

A person could take a different route if he or she isn’t interested in studying law. A person could choose to enter into a Juris Doctor (JD). The answer to can I get a JD online is yes. Although the answer to can I study online for a JD program is yes, this doesn’t adequately prepare a person to practice as an attorney.

Can I Complete My Undergraduate Online?

Since there are a number of undergraduate degrees that can help a person attend either a top online law school or a law school in general, it’s possible to earn many undergraduates online. In fact, although a person may not be able to figure out how to get a law degree online due to their state’s regulations, he or she may be able to earn an associate’s degree online. Additionally, even if the answer to can I get a law degree online is no, it’s possible to earn a bachelor’s degree online without the need to ever sit in a classroom. You can even qualify for the LSAT with an online bachelor’s in legal studies or a similar major.

Can I Get a Job in Law With an Online Degree?

A person may want to find the top online law school to enhance his or her resume. If a person can figure out how to get a law degree online, he or she still may still have trouble finding a job because not all employers are aware that students can get a degree online. It is possible to open a private practice if a person discovers the answer to how can you get a JD online or can I study law online.

All the above information can help a person answer the following questions: can you earn a law degree online, is there a school, can you take school classes, and can I earn a law degree online. The information can help a person choose a school that offers online courses or a program that can adequately help him or her obtain is law career goals.

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