Can you believe it’s a law?

gavelApparently, some lawmakers have too much time on their hands. Here are ten dumb laws that will make you glad you are not the police officer trying to enforce them.

1. In Alabama: Bear wrestling matches are prohibited.

This includes wrestling a bear, promoting bear wrestling, and charging admission to see other people wrestle a bear. If a person is caught wrestling with a bear, the bear can be taken into protective custody and the bear wrestler may be charged fines, penalties, and restitution.

2. In Colorado: People cannot use their couches outside.

Indoor furniture, including upholstered chairs, couches and mattresses, cannot be placed, used, kept or stored outside of a person’s home. It cannot be in the front yard, in the side yard, in the rear yard or in any other yard. It also cannot be placed or left on a porch, whether covered or uncovered.

3. In Florida: The use of computers and smartphones are outlawed

Trying to outlaw Internet gambling, Florida passed a law that outlawed all slot machines. Their definition of “slot machine”—a system or network of devices that can be used to play games of chance—effectively outlawed all computers and smartphones as well.

4. In Indiana: It is illegal for a man to be obviously sexually aroused in public.

According to Indiana law, nudity includes not only nakedness but also the showing of a man’s genitals in a visibly aroused state. The law does use the phrase “knowingly or intentionally,” however, so if the man does not know the condition of his pants, he has technically not committed a crime.

5. In Kentucky: People cannot dye a baby chick blue and try to sell it, unless they sell at least six of them.

The law includes selling, exchanging, offering to sell or exchange, possessing and displaying any type of rabbits or fowl, including baby chicks and ducklings. It is also illegal for people to dye the same animals if they are under two months old as well. If any person is caught selling or giving away dyed baby chicks, they must be fined at least $100.

6. In Maryland: It is illegal to swear on the highway.

It is a misdemeanor for a person to curse, swear or use obscene language on or near any sidewalk, street or highway where other people might overhear. In other words, they can only swear when there is no one else around to swear at.

7. In Mississippi: It is illegal for a person to parent two illegitimate children

If a person who has one illegitimate child already becomes the parent of a second illegitimate child born in Mississippi, the person will be convicted of a misdemeanor and sentenced to a jail sentence of no less than 30 days or sentenced to a fine up of to $250. If the person becomes the parent of a third illegitimate child, their sentence will increase to at least three months in jail or a fine of up to $500 or both. Twins count as one child.

8. In New Jersey: It is illegal to wear a bullet-proof vest while committing a crime

If a person wears a bullet-proof vest while committing or attempting to commit a crime including murder, robbery, sexual assault or kidnapping, it is a crime of the second degree. If the person wears a bullet-proof vest while committing a less serious crime, it is a crime of the third degree.

9. In Tennessee: It is illegal for students to hold hands at school.

According to the Gateway Sexual Activity Bill passed by the Tennessee House of Representatives, handholding is a gateway to other student sexual activities. Students are not allowed to hold hands, and parents can sue teachers if they feel the teachers are not doing enough to prevent student sexual activity.

10. In Wyoming: One percent of the cost of a new building construction must go to art for the building.

Anyone who builds any new building that costs over $100,000 must spend at least $1,000 and no more than $100,000 on new art for the building, which is to be publically displayed. Buildings that cost less than $100,000 are exempt.

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