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The legal industry in Massachusetts leans strongly towards employing people that have some type of schooling prior to seeking employment. Someone who has taken the time to attend one of the paralegal certificate programs in Massachusetts is prepared to do the work that is particular to the legal industry and needs less on-the-job training. Getting a certificate through one of the available paralegal certificate programs in Massachusetts helps a student find better employment and puts them into a position where they can perform duties without being questioned about their certifications.

The state of Massachusetts does not require a paralegal to earn a certificate for the purpose of employment, but certification is highly recommended for someone seeking a career as a paralegal. Paralegal certification programs in Massachusetts are designed to teach a student how to properly execute the work that’s required of them, observe relevant state and local laws, and maintain the workflow of a law office.

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How We Ranked the Best Paralegal Programs in Massachusetts

For aspiring paralegals, the name of the game is career success, so Online Paralegal Programs editors approached the ranking of the best Massachusetts paralegal programs with an eye for value. Programs are ranked according to their cost, reputation, and salary potential.

1. Boston University

Boston University offers Massachusetts paralegal programs for students in the area who are interested in working in a law office or in another capacity that involves a solid understanding of the legal profession. Students are able to utilize multiple tools and resources that allow them to assist attorneys in completing many different tasks. Paralegal programs in Massachusetts are structured to provide a solid foundation for students who are passionate about law and its concepts.

Boston University is considered one of the most prominent of all the colleges in Massachusetts. It has a strong reputation for being one of the most advanced in terms of education and technology. Faculty members are legal professionals who bring many years of experience to the table. The university has a proven track record of providing students with everything they will need to succeed in the legal field.

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Program: Paralegal Studies Certificate

2. Northern Essex Community College

Northern Essex Community College offers many of the best paralegal programs in Massachusetts. Massachusetts paralegal programs offer flexible schedules, advanced technology, and the most up to date course material available. Students are able to learn new skills they will be able to use as they continue to advance their careers. The knowledge they receive will allow them to move upward into management or create a solid foundation if they choose to pursue a law degree.

Northern Essex Community College offers students in Massachusetts an up to date course curriculum with instructors who have the experience and knowledge they can use to guide students through their studies. Students enjoy a laid-back learning environment in which they can be in close communication with their instructors and get the assistance they need without having to wait.

Program: Paralegal Studies

3. Assumption College

Assumption College provides students with the best paralegal programs in Massachusetts. Students who choose to attend the college can expect a course curriculum that offers the most up to date information available to law students. Massachusetts paralegal programs offered by the college are designed to give students the tools and resources they will need as they start to take their first steps on their chosen career paths. Students who are driven to succeed can find everything they need at Assumption College.

Assumption College offers sound paralegal programs to law students who have a passion for law and want to be able to work with instructors who are willing to assist them in meeting their educational and career goals. Faculty at the college do everything they can to provide a laid-back and productive learning environment. Students who graduate from Assumption College have all of the skills they will need to apply for the positions they are interested in.

Program: Paralegal Studies Certificate

4. Bay Path University

Bay Path University offers many different paralegal programs in Massachusetts for students who want to pursue a career in the legal field. Flexible class schedules, an in-depth curriculum, and advanced technology are just a few of the benefits a student can expect to receive from their learning experience. The university offers Massachusetts paralegal programs that students can rely on to help them reach their goals.

Bay Path University is one of the most well-known universities in terms of quality Massachusetts paralegal programs and advanced studies. The school offers a variety of resources that students can rely on when it comes to meeting their educational needs and working toward reaching their career goals. The school’s faculty members are passionate about providing each student with a personalized education they can be confident in when they graduate.

Program: Paralegal Studies Certificate, AS, or BA

5. Framingham State University

Framingham State University offers Massachusetts paralegal programs for students who want to find work as a paralegal or in another capacity in a legal office. Students are taught how to perform depositions, take case notes/legal briefs, and assist attorneys in a variety of legal tasks. Paralegal programs in Massachusetts are designed to offer students the best possible course curriculum as well as a learning environment that is both productive and enjoyable.

Framingham State University is one of Massachusetts’ most well-respected universities in terms of quality education and advanced degree programs. For over 175 years, the university has provided Massachusetts residents educational opportunities they can rely on to assist them in reaching every career goal they set for themselves. Faculty members are constantly looking forward to finding new ways to assist students in overcoming obstacles and reaching their milestones.

Program: Paralegal Certificate

6. Curry College

Curry College offers students the best options in terms of paralegal programs in Massachusetts. Students can learn all of the skills and abilities they need to work effectively in a legal setting. Each student will receive a personalized educational program that will provide them with the required skills for almost any legal career path they choose to follow. Massachusetts paralegal programs are designed to provide advanced skills and a wide variety of tools they can use on a regular basis.

Curry College is one of the most prominent schools in Massachusetts for students who are ready to move forward with their education and want to attend a college with a powerful presence. Faculty members are legal professionals who have worked in a variety of capacities in the legal field and can use their experiences to teach in an effective and productive manner. The college makes many different resources available to the students who enroll in its programs.

Program: Paralegal Certificate

7. Suffolk University

Suffolk University has paralegal programs in Massachusetts that local students can enroll in and begin to explore career options in the legal field. Students who have a passion for law and enjoy assisting others can learn all of the skills and tools they need to be effective professional paralegals. They will learn to create legal documents, take depositions, and perform many of the duties required of a legal professional. Students who graduate from a Massachusetts paralegal program can apply for paralegal positions with confidence and know they have all of the skills they need.

Suffolk University has a reputation for offering paralegal programs in Massachusetts that offer up to date information and advanced technological skills students will need. Between the quality curriculum and the professional faculty, students are able to obtain an education that is second to none. Each student can benefit from the flexible schedule and abundant resources offered by the school.

Program: Certificate

8. North Shore Community College

North Shore Community College offers paralegal programs in Massachusetts to students who are working toward creating a career in the legal field. Paralegal students require specific skills that are needed in order to assist attorneys in many different ways. They are taught how to work in a courtroom setting as well as in a legal office. Students are able to work with legal documents and aid in negotiations and interviews. Massachusetts paralegal programs will assist students in reaching any milestone they set for themselves.

North Shore Community College has been recognized as one of the most proficient colleges in the area in terms of advanced educational courses and a positive learning environment. Every faculty member has a proven track record as a legal professional and can guide students through many of the challenges they may face as a student as well as after they graduate.

Program: Paralegal AS

9. Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College offers Massachusetts paralegal programs for students who want to follow a path that involves working in a legal office or within the judicial system itself. Students learn legal terminology, how to create a variety of legal documents, and also to understand how the legal process works. During their time at the college, students are taught to work in a fast-paced, highly structured environment. This gives them an opportunity to create positive work habits that will last them a lifetime.

Bunker Hill Community College has been a positive educational resource for students for many years. Educators and faculty members are well-known for always being available to students. They offer guidance and encouragement so that students can meet and exceed the expectations they have set for themselves. As one of the leaders in education in the area, the college is dedicated to helping every one of its graduates succeed.

Program: Paralegal Studies Certificate

10. Middlesex Community College

Middlesex Community College offers paralegal programs in Massachusetts that offer advanced legal skills to students who want to work in some capacity within a law office or other setting. The skills that are taught are required for many paralegal positions. Depositions, interviews, negotiations, and the ability to create court-ready legal documents are all considered to be essential skills. Massachusetts paralegal programs are used to give students both the abilities and the confidence they need to achieve their career goals.

Middlesex Community College has been providing quality paralegal programs in Massachusetts for years. The college offers a close-knit, friendly learning environment and has instructors on hand who are dedicated to each of their students. Graduates who complete their Massachusetts paralegal programs at the school are able to apply for and get hired for the jobs they are interested in.

Program: Paralegal Studies Certificate or AS

Why Should I Get a Paralegal Degree or Certificate in Massachusetts?

A degree or certificate shows prospective employers – law firms, corporations, and government – that you know your stuff. A paralegal, by definition, is someone who works to support the lawyers in the firm and performs tasks that are time-consuming, but necessary, for each case. A lawyer relies on the paralegal to be able to draft documents in the correct format, observe communication protocols with clients, and relay information between client and lawyer. Paralegals are required to follow accepted practices and perform with as little error as possible. While it’s possible to learn all that on the job, employers are much more willing to take a chance on you with a reputable credential.

Are There Lots of Jobs for Paralegals in Massachusetts?

Yes, there are lots of paralegal jobs in Massachusetts and they’re found in businesses and organizations. Looking at paralegal jobs in Boston shows that there is a large employment sector in corporate law departments that are part of large organizations. Paralegals who are interested in working in the business world are served by searching out paralegal jobs in Boston. Ultimately, most paralegals find themselves working at private law firms that provide legal services in all areas of the law. Diversification in legal fields is something to consider when making a decision to become a paralegal. A paralegal who has proficiency in different areas of the law has a better chance at finding paralegal jobs in Massachusetts. However, specialization in an area of law can also be of benefit when it comes to paralegal jobs in Boston.

The legal industry in Massachusetts is leaning more and more on paralegal to provide legal services and reducing the number of lawyers that are hired. Paralegals have more opportunities than ever to develop a career and work in the field of law without the time investment needed to earn a J.D. The projected job growth from 2016 to 2026 for paralegal jobs in Massachusetts is expected to increase by nearly 14% which makes for a positive job outlook for paralegal jobs in Boston, Massachusetts. A majority of paralegal jobs in Massachusetts are located in the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy metro statistical area and growth is expected to be concentrated in this particular MSA. Based on growth alone, it’s a good time to become a paralegal and start a career in the field of law.

Entry-level paralegal jobs in Massachusetts allow a freshly graduated student to start their career in a law department or firm without the pressures that a more senior paralegal handles. The entry-level paralegal learns on the job and sees their education expand to understand industry standards on a broader basis and learn how their employer operates. Almost all paralegals start out at the entry-level after graduation unless they’ve had prior experience working in a law firm before earning their paralegal certificate.

How Much Do Paralegals Make in Massachusetts?

The average paralegal salary in Boston, Massachusetts is $52,000 while an assistant paralegal in Boston earns a little less at $45,000. The average paralegal salary in Massachusetts reflects the amount and type of work performed by a paralegal. A newly graduated paralegal who performs routine duties that are step above the duties performed by a legal secretary is likely to be paid much less than the average paralegal salary in Massachusetts. Whereas a Paralegal III has the potential to earn more due to the fact they work closely with a lawyer and has the skills to research and analyze law that is relevant to the matter at hand along with preparing important documents.

Another factor in the average paralegal salary in Massachusetts is the annual bonus that some law firms provide to staff. Many law firms give out a bonus at the end of each year to support staff. Bonuses can be substantial and increase the average paralegal salary. Someone who is working as an entry-level paralegal can find themselves earning more than they anticipated due to the bonus. The earning potential for a paralegal in Boston varies from law firm to law firm and their internal policies, but overall, the paralegal is a vital part of the legal industry and there are sometimes rewards for high-quality work.

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