What Kind of Jobs are Available With a Paralegal Degree?

The economy is in a very turbulent state right now, with thousands of people out of work and thousands more unsure of their current stability. One section of the economy that seems to be somewhat stable are criminal justice careers, and with those careers, one shining example of a job that is not going away any time soon is the paralegal.

What is a Paralegal?
A paralegal is the direct assistant to a lawyer. They perform a large number of tasks to directly aid a lawyer, from organizing files, writing reports, conducting research, and much more. They primarily work in offices and law firms, but can be found anywhere a lawyer can be present.

How Does Someone Become a Paralegal?
Most paralegals earn either an associate or bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies. Those with a paralegal degree are given the training and education to fully assist a lawyer their day-to-day work.

What Does a Paralegal Do?
A paralegal assists a lawyer in their work on a daily basis. In a small law firm, a paralegal’s work is more varied and they will be working on all aspects of a case usually. In larger firms, paralegals normally have more specialized roles. For insance a litigation paralegal will only prepare and look through documents a laywer will need to use at hearing and trials. Other aspects of the work will be handled by other paralegals or lawyers.

Job Outlook
Paralegals have a lot of jobs they can sink their teeth into, and there will be more to come for them, as from 2010 to 2020, paralegal job growth will increase 18 percent. This means that beginner paralegal and experienced paralegals alike will not have as hard of a time in the job market as many other careers.

If one is looking for an exciting career with a lot of variety and excellent job prospects, a paralegal degree may be a great choice. There will be continuing demand for the diverse skills of a paralegal in the coming years, so a career in the paralegal field may be an investment well worth undertaking.