What is an LLM Degree?

The LLM degree (also scripted as LL.M.) is the degree acronym for those who successfully complete a Master of Laws program — a post-graduate law degree. The LLM coursework can generally be completed in one year as a full-time student, and there are a wealth of online LLM degree programs today. There is, however, an LLM in the USA for international students that can be completed part-time.

Comparing the LLM vs JD

What does LLM mean? The abbreviation LLM is derived from Latin. LLM is the plural form of Legum Magister, which roughly translates to Masters of Laws. The JD, on the other hand, is the Juris Doctorate, the standard degree required to become an attorney approved by the American Bar Association.

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Who would benefit from earning an LLM? Earning a Master of Laws degree is generally an educational objective of:

  • A foreign attorney who wants to learn the host country’s basic legal doctrines to be allowed to practice in that host country
  • An American attorney who wants to move their legal practice to another country
  • An American attorney who wants a legal practice that specializes in international law principles would choose to earn their LLM in International Law

What is LLM in Law?

The program for lawyers allows dedicated professionals to specialize in a specific area of the law or to gain graduate-level training in the broad field of international law. (This differs from the Master of Legal Studies, which is for non-lawyers who want to apply legal knowledge to their current occupations.

The program requirements will vary and be set forth by the school’s curriculum and academic staff. As you research each program’s requirements, be vigilant and carefully determine if the program requires an internship or a final thesis.

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Many LLM programs offer flexible online LLM tax degree programs that offer degree candidates the opportunity to earn their LLM degree on a part-time basis. This option conveniently offers working learners a chance to earn a Master of Laws degree while maintaining a full-time job.

Additionally, it is noted that a variety of Master of Laws (LLM) degree programs specifically focus on international law research.

What Can You Do with an LLM?

There are many law schools that offer a Master of Laws (LLM) degree program. In which business sectors will LLM’s be most in-demand? The LLM degree is available in a variety of focuses and concentrations. One of the most popular is the LLM in Taxation. Legal principles can be detailed and complex; however, when combined with complicated tax law, it creates a sought-after legal specialty degree. There is no need to ask if an LLM in Taxation worth it? The clear answer is yes.

Additionally, a partial list of LLM concentrations would include the following:

  • LLM in Banking and Financial Services
  • LLM in Real Estate
  • LLM in Healthcare Law
  • LLM in Human Rights
  • LLM in International Law

Is an LLM Worth It?

The reality is many law practices proactively search for job applicants who possess an LLM degree as this graduate degree verifiably demonstrates that the degree holder has advanced training in the field of international law.

An LLM degree offers lawyers and non-lawyers the opportunity to expand their knowledge at a graduate level to open job opportunities in the large sub-specialty of the legal sector known as international or multinational law.

So, is an LLM degree worth it? An LLM degree is an internationally recognized degree by most countries and a great option for those interested in multinational legal issues.

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