Is a Master’s in Legal Studies Worth It?

Earning a Master’s in Legal Studies is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to bring legal expertise into their professional career. Students working towards a master’s in legal studies will work closely with attorneys and paralegals on all types of legal issues. Part of their duties is assisting lawyers in the courthouse, conducting legal searches for information on cases, interviewing witnesses, and preparing attorneys for trial dates. Some may gain employment as courtroom reporters.

A degree in legal studies is sometimes referred to as a Master’s in Paralegal Studies or Master’s of Science in Law. Many students who want to be part of law enforcement in administrative or managerial roles may choose a degree in legal studies as well. The MLS degree program may offer a list of careers in legal studies to assist students with their college degree choices and is a natural next step in a paralegal career.

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What Is A Master’s of Legal Studies?

A list of careers in legal studies includes paralegal, legal assistant, legal mediator, business analyst, or legal counselor to the firm or corporation where they find employment. Any of the masters of legal studies jobs will provide ample knowledge of the legal system, encourage public speaking, and create a professional atmosphere for prospective students after graduation. Masters of legal studies jobs are advancing within the legal system and employment opportunities for students are projected to grow up to 9% by the year 2026. It is common to look on job sites for the master of science in law salary positions as well. Some will ask, Is the master of legal studies worth it? One of the biggest benefits of an on-campus legal studies degree is the job market support you’ll get. Before answering, let’s now look at the master of legal studies salary outlook.

What Is The Average Salary Expectations For Legal Studies?

Students who want a master’s in paralegal studies salary will most likely expect to earn on average $80,080, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Other legal studies job salary ranges are reported to be into six digits as well. The salary is the same for most legal assistants as well. Legal studies jobs salary averages are expected to rise over the next several years. A master of legal studies salary is similar to a master of science in law salary.

For a master of jurisprudence, salary may pay recent graduates as high as entry-level attorneys make. So, a master’s in jurisprudence may provide a student with practical comprehension and knowledge of the law and of all its legal aspects. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics also reports a Master of Legal Studies or a MLS degree salary is estimated at $55,000 annually. Researching degrees, such as Juris Master salary jobs, may help in finding the best job positions for graduates of any MS degrees that is related to law enforcement or service.

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So is the masters in legal studies worth it? The answer is simple. With all the growth that is projected of MLS degree salary careers, it’s as close to a sure thing as possible, and with the incredible variety of career options, a Master of Legal Studies is more than a new career or career enhancement – it’s a way of taking control of your destiny.


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