What Does an Immigration Paralegal Do?

When you are looking into career opportunities as a paralegal, you may notice that you have options in immigration law. By taking on the role of an immigration paralegal, you have an opportunity to assist individuals with the process of immigrating to the country and maintaining their legal status when they are staying on a visa.

What is an Immigration Paralegal?

An immigration paralegal is a paralegal who works under an immigration lawyer. Your role as a paralegal is to support and assist a lawyer in an immigration law firm with the process of working for their clients. While immigration lawyers and paralegals are not necessary for every case of immigration into the country, certain types of immigration may require an understanding of the laws and changes to the laws that arise over time.

What are the Responsibilities of an Immigration Paralegal?

When it comes to the immigration paralegal job description, your role as a professional may focus on assisting clients directly or working with a lawyer to complete paperwork on behalf of a law firm’s clients. Common responsibilities that may arise in immigration paralegal jobs focus on communication with clients. You may interview and talk to clients directly to find out their goals and the type of visa they want for their time in the country.

What Does a Paralegal Do?

In some cases, you may act as a translator for a foreign language. It helps if you are fluent in one or more foreign languages, since you may be asked to translate documents for clients. You may also work as a translator for a lawyer or legal team if a client does not speak English and needs assistance with the immigration process.

You may be asked to work on paperwork for clients, which may include applications and petitions, as well as papers for deportation. The exact paperwork depends on a client’s case and situation. Immigration paralegal services focus on addressing the needs of your clients. In the event that your client is facing deportation, you may work on paperwork associated with the process. Keep in mind that each legal team and firm has different requirements for a paralegal, so your specific role may vary slightly based on the needs of the firm.

What is a Fair Immigration Paralegal Salary Expectation?

When you are looking into your salary potential, you want to ensure that you are looking at a fair wage. Immigration paralegal jobs offer a salary range based on your level of education, your work experience, and your location. The median immigration paralegal salary is around $59,500 per year. You can expect a lower income level if you are just starting out in your career and do not have work experience. You can also expect your salary to increase over time as you gain experience.

Keep in mind that your income level may depend on your location. Different areas may offer a different average income based on the cost of living. If you live in a rural environment, then you can expect a slightly lower salary than the median income. You can also expect your salary to increase if you are looking at immigration paralegal jobs in an urban environment. The exact income may vary based on locality and local standards of income.

Can I Make More With a Paralegal Certification?

Working as an immigration paralegal allows you to work with individuals who want to immigrate to the country or are working on maintaining their visas while living in the country. You may also work with a lawyer to help when concerns arise due to mistranslations or related complications on a client’s paperwork. By focusing on immigration law, you are able to help clients with the challenges of filing their applications and paperwork to obtain a visa and move to the country.

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