10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Paralegals

1. Wooden Tablet and Phone Holders – $29


A paralegal will have many tools at his or her disposal, often using them all at once!

This is a two-piece set of birch stands, one each for a tablet and a smartphone. Let your paralegal set up their station to have access to all of their research (and entertainment!) tools at any time.

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2. Schatzii Smart Cloth – $9


Also for the well-used touchscreen, the Schatzii Smart Cloth cleans fingerprints and dust without any sprays!

One side cleans and the other polishes screens, glasses, or anything else. Available in a range of stylish prints, this is a great for any professional who is on their phone regularly!

[Buy at Schatzii]

3. Keurig K10 Mini Coffee Maker – $80


When time is of the essence, don’t waste it by running to and from the break room or the coffee shop! Help your paralegal save those trips for a more relaxing time so they can actually enjoy it.

For those busy times, the Keurig K10 Mini is the perfect desk accessory, providing that much-needed caffeine without wasting a moment.

[Buy at Kohl’s]

4. Coffee Mug Warmer – $8


Keep that mug of coffee warm on long days where you might get distracted by the mountains of legal paperwork.

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5. MOMA Vanishing Vase – $20


Here is a trendy, beautiful, and small vase sure to spruce up any desk without consuming much space.

Keep fresh flowers to raise your spirits any time of the day or night.

[Buy at MOMA]

6. Deluxe Zen Garden – $22


Consider a beautiful zen desk for the paralegal in your life. It doubles as a decoration, a point of relaxation, and a distraction as they puzzle out a difficult problem.

This Deluxe Zen Garden is 9×9″ and made of rosewood. It would complement any desktop.

[Buy at Amazon]

7. Perplexus Epic Puzzle Game – $24


Maybe your paralegal works better under pressure. Instead of a zen garden, consider this mind-bender of a puzzle game.

The Epic version of the Perplexus ball game is the most difficult version yet. Help them get their mind off of the problem for a minute, let them bend their mind in three dimensions, and they’ll come back with a new perspective.

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8. Superhero Bookend – $34


Add a whimsical touch to the piles of books a paralegal will doubtless have in their office.

This Superhero Bookend allows books to lean and a superhero cutout to appear to save them. It’s a great conversation point and a piece that can lighten up any office.

[Buy at Animi Causa]

8. Custom Name Plate – $20+


“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language” – Dale Carnegie

A custom, personalized nameplate is always a great addition to a desk. Doubly so for someone who may not own the law firm – it can make the difference between feeling appreciated and feeling like a faceless employee.

[Buy at Etsy]

10. Personalized Whiskey Gift Set


You’re probably cutting it close to get this for Christmas, but this would be a great New Year’s present for a devoted employee or colleague.

This personalized whiskey set will make a classic gift for the scotch or whiskey (even whisky!) connoisseur in your office. Your paralegal works hard all week, help them enjoy their off-time with a personalized gift.

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